Hong Kong Dong - The Sexy Bell Towers

Michele Mercure shows us the Wooden Movements that Arthur Russel makes After Dinner when he doesn’t get enough Drinks. Go and break the Code Of Silence with Mark Pritchard’s Syclops and Takako Minekawa’s Asphalt Kobalt. Let us all ask for a Lunatic Asylum and leave this Paradise of Replica!

  • Mark Pritchard - Infrared
  • Arthur Russell - Let's Go Swimming (Gulf Stream Dub)
  • Michele Mercure - An Accident Waiting To Happen
  • Suicide - Fast Money Music
  • Bell Towers - SEXY SEXY SEXY SEX
  • Lucrecia Dalt - Tar (Jan Jelinek Remix)
  • Don Muro - Leap Frog
  • Quando Quango - Genius
  • After Dinner - Paradise of Replica
  • Serge Gainsbourg - Lunatic Asylum
  • Marios Visvikis - Wooden Movements
  • Lena Willikens - Asphalt Kobolt
  • Syclops - Got to Get up for Monday
  • Christophe - Elle dit, elle dit, elle dit…
  • Takako Minekawa - Flow In A Tide
  • Drinks - Real Outside
  • Arik Rudich - Code Of Silence