Jean Marc Lederman presents Music In Context - Kraftwerk Special

Let’s explore Kraftwerk, a band probably more important than The Beatles as they were pionneers and helped put the bases for electropop, electronic funk, house and the likes. Ralh Hutter and Florian Schnieder met at the Robert Schuman Music school in Dusseldorf late 60’s and they both started to play in diverse krautrock bands. Krautrock was a rather large musical niche involving the use of experimental music, rock, minimalism and free form. Florian was actually the son of one of the most sought-after german architect.
Kraftwerk was funded in 1970 and some of their early albums were produced by the legendary Conny Plank. This is an extract from that time: “Ruckzuck”, a very spacey track from the first Kraftwerk album. Btw, note that now Ralf Hutter doesn’t consider the first 3 albums as Kraftwerk. This is Ruckzuck, from the first Kraftwerk album.

  • Kraftwerk 1 album
Ruckzuck (extract)
  • Krawfterk Autobahn 
Autobahn (extract)
  • Radioaktivity 1975

  • Trans Europe Express 1977
Euopa Endlos (german) extract.
  • The Man-Machine 1978
The roboter 

  • Computer World (1981)

Dentaku ( pocket calculator japanese)
  • Tour de France 1983
Tour de France

  • Electric Cafe (1986)
The Telephone Call
Techno Pop

  • Karl Bartos (2013)
The Atomium

  • Florian Schneider (2016)
Stop Plastic Pollution (extract)