Midori Takada

Pioneering Japanese percussionist Midori Takada dropped by with an intimate selection of tracks to discuss everything from recording in 200m-deep limestone caves to Nasa's space recordings. One in a million.

  • 百億年の交響詩 (Hyaku-oku nen no koukyousi) - Sound of Limestone Cave
  • Space Sound Series - Song Of Earth
  • The Gyuto Monks - Yamantaka
  • NEBULA - Untitled
  • Pablo Casals - El Canto Dels Ocells
  • Ton-Klami - PROPHECY OF NUE
  • Soung Gum-Nyon - The Memories Of Kayagum 伽耶琴
  • The World Of Kakraba Lobi - Unite Africa
  • Meeting for Wooden Pieces - Unknown