Mika Oki presents Waking Life - Joel Vandroogenbroeck - PART1: EARTH

A tribute to Joel Vandroogenbroeck, Belgian composer, arranger, keyboardist, flutist, sitarist, vocalist, harpist, percussionist, producer, engineer and conductor. The one who could go through spiritual jazz, krautrock and library music training with his passion for computers and electronic synthesizers, creating some of the most forward-thinking music of his time. RIP J.D.V.B / Eric Vann / Brainticket / Drum Circus.

PART 1 : EARTH : The evolution of our planet from its creation to nowadays

Illustration: Lucile Martin

Joël Vandroogenbroeck - EARTH

  • Dark Plasma
  • Hymn to osiris
  • Energetics
  • Homo Africanus w/ S. Burdson
  • biblical band
  • cult of isis
  • babylonian cortege
  • song of ur
  • Chain Production w/ Allen & Reidy
  • Allegro Mechanico w/ Allen & Reidy
  • crazy flute w/ Imme Atwood
  • Data
  • Drum Circus - Magic Theatre
  • High Computer Tension
  • Drum Program
  • Drum Circus - Magic Theatre
  • Error Source
  • Brainticket - Era Of Technology
  • Lemuria
  • Romantic Program
  • Digital Song
  • Computer Graphic
  • Computer Groove
  • New Wave Rock