Mixtape by Golce to listen at home in times of corona - DIAH


Where/When to listen:

This mix is made for people to lay down on their floor, close their eyes and listen to the sublimation of what is to be a teenager in 2051.


Golce is a queer producer and DJ based between Brussels (BE) and Bern (CH). As co-founder of LEAVING LIVING DAKOTA collective, Golce is responsible for Brussel’s finest nights, showcasing an original and unchained take on modern club music. Her quest behind the desk is to provide new narratives explorations through sound and music. Experiencing abyss of darkness, passing through electro-acoustic pieces and influenced by old trance tracks, she belongs to the phantasm of a new vision on what is the club in 2021. Let's try to forget ourselves in the middle of a city while the sun is going down.