Mixtape by JAMES ¬‡,∫µ to listen at home in times of corona - DIAH

The night is my favourite state of being, but you never come with the night»

Where/When to listen

In the middle of the night. Best at 3am. For those who are wildly awake, staring into the wide open eyes of the leftovers. Dance with me and let's get lost together in this green space between my room and your room. We never know how much longer we will be remaining conscious.


Annalena Fröhlich / JAMES ¬‡,∫µ works within a wide reaching spectrum of composition, choreography, performance and visual experimentation. She creates surreal sceneries between everyday life and disaster, where she manages to provoke an individual, whimsical-melancholic aesthetic, that runs like a red thread through her entire oeuvre. Fröhlich is interested in transmitting states of being visible and audible. Her artistic practice includes extensive research in the fields of sound, video, scenic installations, movement and performance.

As JAMES ¬‡,∫µ she creates DJ- and Live-sets within an intense and surprising experimental Klangwelt of electronic beats and sounds from all over the planet. Annalena Fröhlich collaborates and works as performer, director, musician/composer and video artist for and with artists and companies such as (a.o.): Peeping Tom, Dance Divine, Mohamed Toukabri, Xeno-, Fhunyue Gao, Marie Gyselbrecht, Romy Springsguth, Robin Adams, Yara Bou Nassar, Paed Conca, Claudia Bossard, Moritz Alfons, Matthias Günter, Moni Wespi, MERZ, Yannick Mosimann, Odd Beholder, Nederlands Dance Theater NDT.