Onda Sonora presents For Bearded Men and Women - Acid Jazz Plus

Acid Jazz wasn't really acid at all. It was a revamp of Jazz Funk in the early 90s but mostly without the barbs. It took a little less than a decade to for Jazz to get really "acid", a few exception notwitstanding. Broken beat took off late 90s, early 00s as did Nujazz. This is a mix of records that probaby fitted both categories back then but are more beefy / repetitive than most. One West-London track but are most somewhere in between.

  • Space Clique - Exit #1: Luna Park (Volcov's New Season 4-4-2 Remix) - Spinning Wheel
  • Voom:Voom - Influenza Forte - Compost
  • Trüby Trio - Galicia (Zero dB Remix) - Compost
  • Recloose - Ain't Changing (Instrumental) - Planet E
  • Forss - Funk For Nerds - Sonar Kollektiv
  • Inverse Cinematics - Detroit Jazzin' (Original Version) - Pulver
  • The Vogado Projects - Never Come Back (The A.C.M.E Mix) - Fluid Ounce
  • P'Taah Crossing (Evacuation Of Form) (Opaque Remix) - Ubiquity
  • Rednose Distrikt - 4 Vareke - HumHum
  • Cuica - Trommel Monster (Grappa Session Mix) - Ubiquity