Onda Sonora presents For Bearded Men and Women - Acid Jazz Reprises

Lockdown means diving deep into the collection. Dug up some early 90s acid jazz records for a selection of jazz classics reprises. Mentioned the originals and added the title if the cover got renamed. Keep digging deeper, no matter how difficult digging the crates gets.

  • Marden Hill - Harlem River Drive - Dorado (original: Harlem River Drive)
  • Brooklyn Funk Essentials - The Creator Has A Master Plan - Dorado (orignal: Pharoah Sanders)
  • Galliano - Jus'Reach - Talking Loud (original: Archie Shepp's "Attica Blues")
  • Quintetto X - Mentira - Big Cheese Records (original: Marcos Valle)
  • Bahia Sunsets - Carnival Of Colors - 99 Records (original: Paulinho Da Costa)
  • Subterraneans - Night In Tunesia - Acid Jazz (original: Dizzy Gillespie)
  • Snowboy & The Latin Section - The Flintstones - Acid Jazz (original: theme song of the series)
  • Ronny Jordan - So What - Island (original: Miles Davis)
  • Jazz Warriors - Chameleon - Jazz Warrior Records (original: Herbie Hancock)
  • United Future Organization - Upa Neguinho - Talkin' Loud (original: Edu Lobo)
  • Incognito Feat. Jocelyn Brown Always There (Bluey's Mix) - Talkin' Loud (original: Side Effect)