Schiev presents a Simple Radio Show

It's the beginning of the year and I'm still stuck rabbitholing various obsessions ranging from donk, liturgical music or new trance these days, and, as anyone else, catching up with the tons of EOY lists I couldn't digest previously. This is, in a way, a digest of all that.

Picture ©Damien Van De Wyer

  • Hildegard von Bingen - Alma Redemptoris Mater
  • Aymeric de Tapol - Don't forget
  • Kassel Jaeger - Ocelli for NVD
  • A. G. Cook - Lifeline
  • Shekuza - Nebulae Tree
  • Buga - 88 Limits
  • Accident du Travail - Lycaon
  • W00DY - Like What U Do
  • Blue Stork - splitterboo (ibiza) (v3 w_ dj stewie's Bass boosted intro ali a extractions)
  • La Féline - Le roi a fait battre tambour
  • De Grandi - Paris Nord-Est
  • Hard On Yarn Sourdonk Communion - MONASTIC
  • Jolotl - Caliente continente (demo mix1)
  • Morwell - No Tears Left (Ariana Grande remix)
  • Charlene Darling - La Peau Bleutée
  • binaire - La lanterne
  • Varg2TM - Thirst (Dressed In Nothing But UV Paint And Biodegradable Glitter)