Schiev presents a Simple Radio Show

Not being the most nostalgic people nor the like to book our acts a year in advance, neither going through schiev’s last 3 years line up nor schiev’s 2018 one were options to build this new show. So here we are with a second installment, consisting of our musical obsessions of the last months: a few recent picks, a hint of missed-last year and stumbled upon browsing the end of year list, some SHAPE 2018 discoveries and a couple of all time favourites rediscovered lately. It may not be our sunniest podcast but hey, one has to cope with Belgian weather. De batard.

  • Black Dice – Seabird
  • Organ Tapess - DJ Corpmane - Dog Fear
  • JASSS – Cotton for lunch
  • Moa Pillar – Closed Curve
  • Mr Mitch – Corona (Peace Edit)
  • Naked – Whip
  • Catherine Hershey – Reviens
  • Evil Grimace – Réinsertion
  • ssaliva x SKYH1 – Rages
  • JASSS – Weightless
  • Obsequies – Asthme
  • Unglee Izi – NERO O$$O
  • Mogwai – With Portfolio