Stellar OM Source

In true Stellar fashion, the latest show from the Antwerp-based producer/DJ goes heavy from start to finish, running through a set list of dark and doom-like techno, dub and leftfield house heaters. What’s more, any set that weaves in Front de Cadeaux’s Lexi Disques-released Cogitate’s got our vote.

  • Job Sifre - Mars Express
  • C.P.I. -  Meine Hand
  • Catherine Spaak - Non è niente
  • LI$012 - Anxxx
  • Sandoz - Morning Star (Dubmix)
  • Iona Fortune - Bǐ 比
  • Collin Gorman Veiland - She Is Wearing A Red Dress
  • Varoshi Fame - Voice of Command (Chekov Re-Edit)
  • Batang Frisco - Myth
  • Showcase - Moving Version
  • Skating On Thin Ice -  Lee Grainge  Hazel Bligh
  • PedroDollar- Money money money
  • Front de Cadeaux - Cogitate
  • Angel Rada - Carillon