The Word Radio x Schiev Festival 2018 with Annelies Monseré

With just over two weeks before the fourth edition of schiev descends upon Beurschouwburg, Annelies Monsoré – strong on the back of a recent release on Stroom – delivers an hour-long show of folk, new wave and alternative sounds.

  • Folk Implosion 'Raise the Bells'
  • Shirley & Dolly Collins 'Go from My Window'
  • Smog 'Your Wedding'
  • Nico 'Julius Caesar'
  • Var 'Begin to Remember'
  • Cranes 'Astronauts'
  • Arab Strap 'The Shy Retirer'
  • Soft Cell 'Memorabilia'
  • Foehn 'I don't Find you very fuNNy'
  • HTRK 'HA'
  • Dirty Beaches 'Black Nylon'
  • The Caretaker 'The loves of my entire life'
  • Sibylle Baier 'I Lost Something in the Hills'
  • Crescent 'Philicorda Loops'