Basic Moves with Thomas Gram and Jeroen Baekelants

Thomas Gram and Jeroen Baekelants present Black Tourmaline " At the end of last summer, we were invited to our friend Thomas Gram's beautiful garden somewhere deep down in the Belgian southeast desert. As the sun set that day, he and Jeroen Baekelants (founder of the amazing Technoon parties) played a 30-minute improvisation using physical elements and instruments combined with a modular synthesizer. Knowing that Thomas and Jeroen are playing regular improvised sessions we asked them if they would be up for selecting a two-hour long recording consisting a mix of cuts from jam sessions, prerecorded sounds, rubber band, and vinyl records. Combining their own music with recordings of others. This is how the project Black Tourmaline came out, named after their spiritual connection."

Brussels-based record label Basic Moves – the brainchild of Islas, Topha, Deg & Walrus – charts an adventurous journey through the outer limits of house, techno and electro underpinned by an uncompromising dedication to underground club culture.


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