As chief editor of a musiczine in the early nineties (Gonzo Circus), DJ Global Wax (Luc Paredis) received all the early dance releases from several record companies on his desk in the office. Soon, Luc took off for a tour around the country as Gonzo’s Flying Sound Circus, playing these early techno and house tunes for diverse audiences. Collecting records, Luc did discover several styles of music and started playing them to dancing audiences. From the Congolese rumba and soukous to the son and merengue of the caribean aeras, from the Scandinavian female vocal choirs to the jazz scenes of South-Africa, from the Bollywood dance scene to the Brazilean psyched bossa, all styles have their out of the box artists who do penetrate the deeper regions of the human brain and get you dancing – fysically or mentally! Brain dance, it’s global.


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