Hill Men with Spekki Webu & Dj Ungel - Mirror Zone

We’ve invited our dear friend Chris aka Spekki Webu from Delft to arrange a take over with is his fresh label MIrror Zone. After a stunning first release from living legend Memphis, the second 12” is produced by the Dusseldorf based DJ Ungel wich dropped a few months ago. Dj Ungel , good friend, brother and of course a big part of the mirror zone crew did the first hour of the set with a Trancedentral vibe all over the place. Most of the stuff is released on cd & cassettes only. Some words from our man Ungel himself : This is more like an intro for the following set by Spekki Webu. I stayed a bit more chill but still spaced out. I tried to share the vibe I associate with mirror zone. Second part of the Mirror Zone take over is by the Main Man himself, Spekki Webu. This mix contains some new & upcoming stuff, unreleased stuff and mostly music that inspired him the last couple of months and years. This is his vision of how trance "could" be, also a reflection of how he could play on the dancefloor. Mind expanding , tripped and tranced out is how he like to do and play it at the moment.

A monthly slot of jazz, funk, disco and electronic sure shots brought to you by Antwerp-born and raised brothers Hill Men, the founders of Lucid Festival.


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