Hong Kong Dong

*A nectar shower in a ho(r)ney quetzal’s dream* On the menu as an appetizer we have Yeastie Girlz with their infectious recipe for a do-it-at-home night, a fresh Tar track by Lucrecia Dalt, a On the Beat steak à point with Alain Bashung and Serge Gainsbourg, some lovemaking in the desert to wash the mouth clean and a wineglass-breaking Rembetiko song for dessert. Bon appétit !

"A tribute to that cross-eyed worm that lives in your pancreas and plays the flute on early morning." A monthly slot held down by avant-rock trio Hong Kong Dong, consisting of brother and sister Sarah Yu and Boris Zeebroek (also known as Deewee-affiliated producer Bolis Pupul) and guitarist Geoffrey Burton.


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