Inside & Around Crammed Discs with Marc Hollander

Let’s take a fresh look at the Global Soundclash series, fifteen years down the line. Back in 2003, we selected twelve key albums released by the label between 1980 and 1989, and reissued them along with a double compilation mixed by Marc Hollander. With no less than 57 tracks and fragments by artists from Belgium, Norway, the UK, Japan, Ethiopia, France, Iraq, Congo, the US & more, the Crammed Global Soundclash comp gave an overview of the label’s own strange 1980s, with its broad blend of genres and styles, from rock to electronic to global to classical to experimental. A blend which made even the most jaded British music writers gape in amazement: "Crammed make geography irrelevant... this is trans-generic, supranational, uprooted music... not so much 'foreign' as alien and unidentifiable" (Melody Maker, UK, 1987). “I don’t know, we export our music in good faith, and look how it gets sent back to us, all twisted and bent !” (NME, UK, 1984). 30 years later, we’re still at it… This Episode 10 of our series includes most of that mix and is thus a double refraction of that period: we’re in 2018, listening to a 2003 mix, made from music recorded another two decades earlier… Enjoy!

A monthly two-hour show hosted by Marc Hollander (Aksak Maboul), the legendary founder of iconic Belgian label Crammed Discs. Digging deep into the label's prolific catalogue, and featuring unearthed gems alongside unreleased tracks, original interludes and new & upcoming music.


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