Inside & Around Crammed Discs with Marc Hollander

Marc performed his very first ‘augmented DJ set’ at the latest edition of the Meakusma festival, in the Dublab Sleepless Floor space. Consisting exclusively of Crammed Discs tracks, it included excerpts from upcoming releases, several work-in-progress bits from the next Aksak Maboul album, found sounds… a serious mashup with several tracks playing simultaneously, plus added beats, lots of tweaks and a bit of keyboard playing on top… A lot of fun was had, and we felt that this epic performance definitely deserves being aired in the context of this program. The second part of the show (starting around 1:05:00) contains a few of Marc’s favourite contemporary classical tracks from the 20th century.

A monthly two-hour show hosted by Marc Hollander (Aksak Maboul), the legendary founder of iconic Belgian label Crammed Discs. Digging deep into the label's prolific catalogue, and featuring unearthed gems alongside unreleased tracks, original interludes and new & upcoming music.


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