Inside & Around Crammed Discs with Marc Hollander - Don The Tiger

To celebrate the upcoming release of his album “Matanzas” on Crammed Discs in October, Berlin-based Catalan experimentalist Don The Tiger (aka Adrián de Alfonso) has prepared an incredible mix containing no less than 118 excerpts of diverse music that inspired him. Adrián has collaborated with the likes of Lydia Lunch, Go-Betweens founder Robert Forster, Carla Bozulich and Lucretia Dalt (who coproduced his new album). Since moving to Berlin, Don The Tiger takes inspiration from everything he misses in that city - be it rumba, MPB, baroque fantasy, guabina, flamenco or Fania Records- and mixes it with musique concrète and elaborate sampling techniques, delivering it all in a way that owes more to primitive rock'n'roll than to anything else. Here’s a little note from him about this very special program: “This mix is a little homage to some of the music and the fantastic bands that have influenced me during the making of "Matanzas". Like that record, it's also an oscillating unrestricted narrative: 118 mercilessly chopped and screwed tracks where recent loves meet old companions, eroded youtube exports whisper in the ear of sturdy flacs, and stereo joyfully converts to mono. I even let some room for self-promotion in here, like the brief radio transmission of "Hojas tiene" occurred in 2001 at the mountaintop city of Ronda, a flashback into the future which I wouldn't assure didn't happen... This mix is as paradoxical, romantic, whimsical, comical, relentless, pathetical, and obsessive as I can only dream my music was. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did while weaving it!”

A monthly two-hour show hosted by Marc Hollander (Aksak Maboul), the legendary founder of iconic Belgian label Crammed Discs. Digging deep into the label's prolific catalogue, and featuring unearthed gems alongside unreleased tracks, original interludes and new & upcoming music.


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