Leaving Living Dakota with Gem & I and Luz De Amor

> the lovers everything that I thought, it was it is. And lovers are over, and game over I say et merde à l'amour. I will guide myself because of the reason that I like to be in your arms, when you hug me tight, I love you to feel you like another day and night like a first sight will you hurt? I bet you will, we will born to to die baby but I guess it will be electricity and soft skin and your rough hands touching me a time, a time à rime and a line of beautiful memories and a time to see you will see my love my soft that we mean no harm for each but a good encounter a good kiss a good morning of speak and release it's not you its me I will give you without asking you will give me if you want it demand me things and I will give you I will demand you aussi, so please now that we are here it's not like we should skip this magical moment we live we got a time together now I don't want to leave because love is an imposition not a négociation but a giving a donnation of all that you have without money without finance but with words and acts we will learn me I will teach you I will hear you you will tell me all the things that we need to have all that we have all that we have is love and Nobody will take this of our hands because we were born to die baby > the moon from above and below careful from the things that are under the sun on the sea on the glimpse of the apremidi not everything seams to be what it is but a bit of something a reflex on the water maybe it's not real but if you teach me it will live and real it will be you blind like love you blind me love you impress me so much Idk it's like I can't think I can't breath it's so dramatic but love it's like this like us not seing what we stare at but your beautiful eyes like water flow and die and love and like and love and a side by your side to follow la lune and never come back to follow my intuition et te laisse faire comme ça comme une histoire et la laisse faire entre toi et moi un lyrisme qui se construit à reality between you and me and still in your sky in your bed we lie about things that we feel and si and si I want to see your hair dans le summer dans le soleil d'été je veux te voir et ta voix I want to pass a time avec toi dans tes bras comme si la lune je prenais dans mes mains un fantôme et une carcasse que j'essaye de découvrir de faire vivre quoi faire quand j'ai envie de te voir la lune n'est pas toujours la mais toi, tu seras là ?

Leaving Living Dakota is a curatorial collective that organizes parties, exhibitions and concerts in Brussels. 


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