Martijn Verrycken presents The World's Sea

Electro and breakbeat belters from the Brussels-based DJ and producer for his second monthly show on The Word Radio. Includes tracks by Morphology, London Modular Science, DJ Glow, Fastgraph and more. Not for the faint-hearted.

« If with closed ears and eyes I listen to Martijn Verrycken’s selection for a moment, immediately are all walls and barriers dissipated, earth rolls from under me, and I float . . . in the midst of an unknown and infinite sea, or else heave and swell like a vast ocean of thought, without rock or headland, where are all riddles solved, all straight lines making there their two ends to meet, eternity and space gambolling familiarly through my depths. » Henry D. Thoreau, about this radio show.


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Martijn Verrycken presents The World's Sea

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Martijn Verrycken presents The World's Sea