Mika Oki presents Waking Life with Tomoko Sauvage

Mika Oki invited the japanese musician Tomoko Sauvage in our studio for an hour of music exchanges around "Sublimation" the changing state of water from gaz to liquid in french. Tomoko uses porcelaine bowls as a natural synthesizer. Water drops, waves and bubbles becomes hydrophinic feedback and are spread in the space for the listeners. Listen to *Music Hydromantique* relased on the singular french label Shelter Press: https://shelterpress.bandcamp.com/album/musique-hydromantique

Mind trips, intangible spaces, cinematic mental imageries, sound textures and narrative soundscapes. A monthly journey into the depth of ambient, electro-acoustic, dub and spoken words courtesy of Brussels-based Mika Oki.


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