Moodprint presents B-Sides with Teun Verbruggen

Just over an hour of Moodprint’s usual blend of all-around vibes – think Jemeriah Jae, Psychic Mirrors, Mos Def and Al Dobson Jr. – with the second part of the show handled by Belgian jazz musician Teun Verbruggen, who drops in for a guest spot. Tip.

B-Sides is a show hosted by Moodprint and revolves around bringing forward the personal taste and inspirations of an artist. The purpose is to give the monthly guests a chance to show what music lies beyond what’s expected from them. Anything goes! Besides presenting music the shows are also accompanied by artworks handpicked and made by talented friends and family. Enjoy these trips behind the scenes of some of Moodprint’s great friends and fellow crate diggers…


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