Onemanparty's Expanding Universe

i'm in love with DEERHUNTER's last album,of which i selected 2 weird but beautiful tracks,give it a spin,see if it resonates,really into the baroque-pop vibe meets Bowie's LOW at times.there's also the MERIDIAN BROTHERS which i only discovered recently,very original take on cumbia,salsa,latin- exotica music that has rich flavours of ayahuasca and caffeine.nice combo… speaking of latin artists,HELADO NEGRO's 'This is how you smile' album has been on repeat at work and at home. definitely sweatpants chill mode. Vieo Abiungo's The Dregs is like it's deeper instrumental counterpart.Been listening to the '37° Degrés le Matin' Soundtrack by Gabriel Yared. This is a record (along with David Sylvian's GONE TO EARTH and COCTEAU TWINS 'Treasure') I had on cassette back in 92-93 which i put on repeat for three days whilst finishing my school project. The sounds and production of 37° degrés could almost be from 2019. There's more! John Zorn's SEX MAGICK,a beautiful meditative percussion piece,Zeitgeist's OVER AGAIN takes the same approach but has more of a disco pulse. early 90s treasures are being re-discovered: MAPPA MUNDI's TRANCE FUSION,Belgian record (thanks @MaxPask) and some FADE II BLACK with 'The Calling',probably one of the first techno records that blew me away back in the early 90's. back to 2019 :RAS G & The Afrikan Space Program's 'LONG GONE' is a 9 minute long driving house jam that's going to be a staple in my dj sets. Much respect to the artists creating this here EXPANDING UNIVERSE. enjoy! OMP

Music to listen to at home in your favourite slumber clothes. A monthly manned by ex-Soulwax drummer One Man Party.


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