Schiev presents a Simple Radio Show

Once again, correctly tagging that little selection of ours proved to be impossible. From harsh noise legend Sister Iodine to EeOo’s UK rave rework, from Gábor Lázár’s next-level techno (?) (strong contender for album of the year here) to a forgotten Nathan Fake candy, there’s, as usual, a bit for everyone. In our infinite kindness you’ll also be granted a bunch of unreleased tracks by &Apos, Christine Denamur and 2018’s most solid cover from the one and only N1L. There may be a few volume drop: if it bother you so much I’m available for a mastering internship. Picture ©Thomas Ost, 2017

Avant-garde pop music manned by the team behind simple music festival Schiev, hosted by Guillaume Kidula with what is surely the cutest French accent around.


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