Schiev presents a Simple Radio Show

Thanks to besties Julien and Quentin advice (who have a great various release out these days on Le Pacifique) I decided to include older all time fav to our simple radio show. You’ll now have the chance to discover the best of what’s out today but ALSO to discover or rediscover goldies that have stood the test of time. What a treat. From Tirzah’s Arthur Russelesque take on R&B to Tuuun’s amazing aaaaaacid non-banger, from Obsequies (unreleased) electroacoustic pop to Oklou & Casey MQ distorted ballad you should definitely find something to chew on in there. Special mention to Ssaliva, who’ve been used extensively during the making of this show and that has the nicest album out these days on JJ Funhouse. Picture ©Caroline Lessire, 2015

Avant-garde pop music manned by the team behind simple music festival Schiev, hosted by Guillaume Kidula with what is surely the cutest French accent around.


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