Bloom Hill Take Over with Peter Clinton

Brussels-based Bloom Hill Agency is an independent collective priding ourselves on offering support for local & emergent DJ's and bedroom producers. Born in 2018, the collective was created after witnessing the lack of support given to the Belgian bedroom producers. Our main goal is to provide the right tools for every creative and make them rise together within our family. Our eclectic roster covers a wide range of music genres, from moroccan bass, boogie-funk, cosmic jazz, tropical bass, garage tunes, lo-fi beats, experimental folk, paradise house music to dance-floor disco tunes. Bloom Hill houses noteworthy artists’ such as ShunGu, Gan Gah, Unos, Kreshik, Peter Clinton, Hoang Solo, Pllow and Mambele. The collective throws many celebrations at notable venues in Brussels such as Couleur Café and Vk. The intent of our events is to unite international and local talents together and we're privileged to have already work with artists' such as Sekan, Shy One, 8tm, Cervo, Walla P, Glenn Astro and many more.


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