Travelogue, one of the newest additions to our team of residents, pays tribute to global traditional folk music, focussing on the work of field recordists, ethnomusicologists and intrepid music collectors. In this show, discover amazing music from Japan, Kenya, Congo, Greece, Turkey and Afghanistan!

Travelogue presents traditional, acoustic folk music from around the world, by focussing in depth on outstanding records (vinyl & cd), released by specialised labels, ethnographic museums, radio stations and cultural institutions that record, collect and study the musical traditions of (indigenous) peoples and societies from all corners of the globe. This often endangered music is part of the intangible cultural heritage of mankind and needs to be preserved for future generations, as a celebration of cultural diversity, creativity and inventiveness. In the tremendously vast field of folk music we travel in the footsteps of renowned music collectors and ethnomusicologists, whose aim was not only to study the structure of traditional music, instruments and vocal traditions, but to show also that in many societies, music is not an independent art form to be enjoyed for its own sake, but an integral part of the culture. In traditional societies, music accompanies every human activity, from the cradle to the grave. Bram De Cock


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