Agenda 5th March


Opening of Sarah Derat

Super Dakota, Brussels

Sarah Derat queries omnipresent digital technology and its influence on our language acquisition with her third exhibition at Brussels' Super Dakota, I’m verses. In order to see how artificial intelligence might intertwine with the tip of our tongues, she consults the disciplines of archaeology, palaeoanthropology, and neurosciences, compiling a transdisciplinary speculative narrative of how the historically parallel travelled paths of language and technological developments impact the future. View this event on Facebook


Opening of Collectible Design Fair 2020

Espace Vanderborght, Brussels

Whether it’s that monochrome coffee table lingering on your mind or a bland white wall in the house haunting you in your dreams, the third edition of Collectible got you covered with a comprehensive selection of contemporary collectables. This pioneering fair platform highlights the prominent role Belgium plays in the design scene by concentrating on 21st century design. Set in a custom setting, it brings together an international selection of high-end creators, meaning that both familiar faces and new radical players seamlessly fit in. View this event on Facebook


Opening of PILAR ASAP

Pilar, Brussels

Pilar no longer wants to be right if it is wrong. For round one of the year, the multidisciplinary festival turns to the cracks in the methods of electronic music making with a special glitch edition. Slagwerk curates the opening night of the high mass of bugs and crashes, with not only usual suspects DJ’s Otis and Terroriba but also a myriad of live sets by posh isolation’s Varg and Rezzett, of The Trilogy Tapes fame. Essential listening. View this event on Facebook


Opening of Quantum: In Search of the Invisible

IMAL, Brussels

Renovations are over and a new season is ready to be revealed. Although iMAL already gave away a glimpse of their new location with some anticipatory festivities end of last year, it is now time to officially launch the first group exhibition with ten commissioned artworks from international artists pondering quantum physics. Science meets art and an endless stream of questions during a dense weekend programme filled to the brim with artist talks, screenings and lecture performances. These samples brought home by artists who put on a lab coat at world’s largest science laboratory CERN in Geneva are the result of how they challenged researchers with their artistic interpretations of scientific thinking. View this event on Facebook


Opening of 7 Arts: Avant-Garde Belge

Civa, Brussels

A broadsheet newspaper launched in 1922 by five Brussels-based artists, 7 Arts pioneered a new narrative in theoretical and critical thinking by juxtaposing architecture with other art forms, heralding a new era in artistic freedom which saw painters try their hand at architecture, architects design furniture or even writers prose about architecture. Instigating a new era of possibilities in creative cross-pollinisation, 7 Arts stood at the vanguard of a new pool of artsitic spirits unbound by their specific disciplines and daring to go beyond. Described by one of its co-founders at the most important organ of doctrine and combat, 7 Arts ceased publication in 1928 following no less than 6 seasons and a staggering 156 editions, the achievement of which is focused on during this exhibition at CIVA. View this event on Facebook


Battle of the Circuits

Onder Stroom, Antwerp

Limitations sometimes extend possibilities. The groovebox Novation Circuit brings together four Antwerpian electronica producers for a little challenge. Yves De Mey, Roman Hiele, Milan Warmoeskerken and Dago Sondervan put the toy and their own creativity to the test, trying to outdo each other during this game that promises to be particularly easy on the ears. Rules are simple: one Novation Circuit and another instrument controlled by it, one controller on midi-in and all sequences from the circuit. Free electronica fun for nerds and noobs.View this event on Facebook


Opening of Julien Meert: Screensavers

Krieg, Hasselt

Self-representation is the spine of Brussels bred artist Julien Meert’s artistic practice. For this solo show, Meert has casted himself as protagonist in a series of digital and analogue video creations that introduce movement into his oeuvre for the first time. Making his virtual counterpart sweat through physically demanding activities that become stylized repetitions set in pretty absurd settings, crosslinking video game aesthetics and Art Deco architecture delivers appetizingly anachronistic screensaver-like artworks worth a second glance. View this event on Facebook


Midi Fish Night

Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels

Tapes, live sets and dancefloor duties. Both Radio Hito’s poetic interpretations of the Italian language and Acte Bonté’s atmospheric and playful synths made it onto a debut tape. Tape label Midi Fish made the magic happen for them and now orchestrates a celebratory evening with live sets by both, conjoined by Sarah Fuego’s dreamy and whimsical lo-fi and Accou’s hypnotical multi-layered synth meditations. Double trouble Acte Bonté dives into the DJ booth after the concerts.View this event on Facebook


The African Diplomat Show

Beursschouwburg, Brussels

March is Black History Month and, as such, African Diplomat brings his midnight marauders to the stage for a night of motherland vibes. For the occasion, he's enlisted Mambele, Shungu, DTM FUNK as well as a surprise live band to step to the stage and do what they do best. Grooves guaranteed. View this event on Facebook


Opening of Merlin Carpenter

dépendance, Brussels

Conceptual painter Merlin Carpenter made from clearing the decks in the art world with controversially clever paintings and installations works his trademark. Which short circuit he will spice up with a dash of social criticism in dépendance is not quite clear from the announcement of his upcoming expo, but we will find out soon during the opening reception.View this event on Facebook


Opening of Babs Decruyenaere

NO/gallery, Gent

Babs Decruyenaere shows off her photographic fascination for stones and boulders full of subtle subjectivities with a solo show at NO/gallery. Gelatine silver photograms, sculptural installations and accompanying handwritten notes on the philosophy behind her creations reveal the several soft spots hiding in a heart of stone.View this event on Facebook


Intersections by Psst Mlle

Various locations, Brussels

For International Women’s Rights Day and their second anniversary, Psst Mlle places the most powerful creatures in this universe where they belong. Women take over the institutions of the Brussels nightlife both behind the scenes and on stage, with a line-up dripping intersectional feminism in an unfortunately still male-dominated scene. Dance performances in techno temple C12, PEGA’s dino-post-punk in Beursschouwburg and daytime raving with Soumaya Phéline and Rag at LaValléé flaunt female fierceness. Insert a rhetorical question asking who runs the world (here).View this event on Facebook



Expanded Audio Resistance, Brussels

Minimal wave for the win. Das Ding aka Danny Bosten turned his cassette tape experiments back in the eighties into a most peculiar tape label called Tear Apart Tapes. The 80s synth wave explorer shows after several waves of rediscovery of his visionary work that his tapes still do the trick live. Brussels’ DJ Lexi and Rick Shiver on support duties, Bear Bones Lay Low’s affiliate Gabriela Gonzalez takes care of the trippin’ into the weekend with mind-bending visuals. View this event on Facebook


Roel Heremans: Duets

Argos, Brussels

A car accident and the subsequent case of temporary memory loss caused audio-visual artist between Brussels and Belgrade Roel Heremans to reconsider his artistic fixations. In awe of the abilities of the human brain, he has been working on audio loops that engage participants and deliver curious choreographed group movements. A unique occasion to experience the work of art in the presence of the artist, whose installation is part of the exhibition Quai du Commerce 1081 that draws on Chantal Ackerman’s legacy of working with the surroundings of the Brussels cityscape. View this event on Facebook


Nosedrip all-nighter

amigo amigo, Gent

A rather straightforward concept: Nosedrip runs through his favourites for an all-nighter at Ghent's amigo amigo. Expect the weird and wonderful by one of the ocuntry's finest DJs.View this event on Facebook


Space Force Operations

Het Bos, Antwerp

Space Force Operations coordinates the shuttle to a parallel underground universe this Saturday. Maika Garnica, Aiko Devriendt and Thijs Paijmans take off on an experimental exploration of sonic and optical qualities of ceramic objects with a performance called Asphere. The remaining intergalactic tour then passes by the perky planets of Hungry soul Eric Von Stroheim live, DJ Flapy, sniper deejay, Waldorf and Victor De Roo with a three hour set. The potential is nothing less than astronomic. View this event on Facebook


Stacks LP presentation

Table Dance, Antwerp

A limited edition LP presentation of a new Stack release under the wings of Entr’acte/Stellage initiates end of the weekend table dancing. On their third album Our Body Memory, Jan and Sis Matthé waltz with the recent loss of both Talk Talk’s Mark Hollis and Scott Walker. DJ Het Effekt poetically echoes on afterwards, like he usually does in the ether.View this event on Facebook