Agenda Thursday 13th February


Montage x Absurd

Volta, Brussels

The wolf pack of Hong Kong’s exceptional label Absurd TRAX passes through the European continent and makes a much-appreciated stop at Volta. Kelvin T has been honing the craft of music production since the tender age of 16 and recently distilled yet another result out of his long simmering experimental brew. The album Aerate lets itself be consumed like a substance and mirrors hallucinogenic states through musical structures. A coming of age through textured electronics is likewise the key to ASJ’s practice, transforming it into pumping live sets full of sensitive details. Thegn comes armed for the unknown in highly improvised sets with screams and samples, H E 4 R T B R O K E N’s Liyo wraps up the night. View this event on Facebook


Opening of Aurélie Gravas

Alice Gallery, Brussels

Twelve paintings with different dimensions both in literal and figurative sense eschew representational narration and prefer to immerse in the situation itself. Painter Aurélie Gravas’ chose the title ‘Tipees’ for her solo exhibition, suggesting through the connotations of the American Indian habitat the importance of the nomadic and the fragile for her canvasses. Luc Van Lieshout’s trumpeting and the artist’s own guitar strumming add an extra dimension to the brush strokes. View this event on Facebook


Susobrino EP release

Vaartkapoen, Brussels

Classical traditional guitar will never sound tedious again after dipping into Susobrino’s pool of sincere summer vibes. The recent discovery of Bolivian artist Alfredo Dominguez and his faithful Spanish guitar teacher are the young artist’s patron saints, who now approvingly observe how their pupil makes Western audiences shake with a fresh EP full of flamenco breeze. Multitalented Lander Ghyselinck’s KVR trio supports putting the land of lama’s back onto the musical map with a reconciliation of modern jazz and elusive electronica. DTM Funk is in charge of tight rhythm sections. View this event on Facebook


Opening of Artefact 2020

STUK, Leuven

Yearly appointment with performance art, club electronica and all-round experiment Artefact kicks off this year’s edition on the sentiment of being alone together by programming music acts Eartheater and Céline Gillain alongside a duet by saxophonist Mette Rasmussen and her flying drone for the free opening event. Plagued by stage fright, Gillain has found out how to deal with feeling alone in front of a crowd with hybrid dark performances, top of the bill Eartheater’s three-octave vocal range washes over you with spiritual contemplations of the holy water where tepid trapbeats blend with a dense and energetic live show. View this event on Facebook


Opening of Enter Through The Void, Exit Through The Gift Shop

Campo, Gent

Jacuzzis and all-inclusive formulas are not exclusively for trashy tv-formats. The blurry boundaries of this brand new resort style arts festival does not only offer an all you can digest assortment of parties, debates and creations balancing between visual arts and performance, but also questions the circle of sustainability by making the festival’s structure transparent. Highlights on the programme are Amsterdam artist duo stadman.lara with an on-going performance oozing sensuality like the nude calendar they produced, Rachel Monosov and Lisa Lapierre who premier the performance Challenge of Realism where they try to get grip on how cultural appropriation throughout the ages shaped into an ego-generation society and Vieze Meisje’s whimsical beats. The void never looked so alluring. View this event on Facebook


Limited Edition Art Fair

Villa Empain, Brussels

Limited edition graphics bring all the art collectors to the art deco yard. One of a kind pieces and future sought-after prints is what it is all about during the Limited Edition Art Fair. The high mass of contemporary art print culture congregates specialized Belgian institutes like Centre de la Grave with international publishers, galleries and artists-in-residence in the sublime surroundings of national pride Villa Empain. Should be etched and engraved in your agenda. View this event on Facebook


Jean-Paul Dessy

Iselp, Brussels

Composer, conductor and cellist Jean-Paul Dessy vibrates the strings of his cello in resonance with the solo exhibition of Icelandic artist Gudny Rosa Ingimarsdottir. A delicate piece of music will disturb the sacral silence in which her fragile fabricates in broken whites arose. Bookl your spot. View this event on Facebook


Opening of Antonin De Bemels

Le Clignoteur, Brussels

Audiovisual artist Antonin De Bemels adds bells and whistles to the carte blanche he got from art space Le Clignoteur. A bunch of companions helped him to spice things up for the release of a new album with unedited video projections, word play performances and original takes on merchandise. They told us it’s going to be heart-warming like Christmas, but even better and without snow or stress. View this event on Facebook


Opening of Le Coeur au Ventre

Art et marges, Brussels

The discrete art collectors Marion and L. Oster have made falling in love their professional occupation. When the heart overflows, they bring yet another art object crush home amidst their already impressive collection of art brut and expressionism. This show installs a re-enactment of how their gallery of treasured art items becomes an immersive total work of art in itself. View this event on Facebook


On porn and sexuality

Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Beurrschouwburg takes you beyond romance on Feb 14 and focuses during an evening of conversation on the shared experience of black queerness. Olave Nduwanje dims the lights for some queer erotica and Cheraldo Valpoort aka Cherry Brown traces an open-minded approach of sexuality through a critical reading of his own online expressions of the ballroom identity Mother Cherry Ebony. Ditch the cheap roses and candlelit dinner for some quality discussions. View this event on Facebook


ST Valentin RAVE

Decoratelier, Brussels

A new structure created by Decoratelier and inspired by the traditional Japanese Kabuki theatre will host even more inventive party concepts from now on. This Friday, Leaving Living Dakota gives shelter there to those chased by Cupid with a Valentine’s rave. Choreographed poetry recitation by Le SANG, live love serenades by Berlin’s Charm and Azadi.mp3 and Dj’s Amari King and Elf Queen as well as many others save your life from a broken heart. A long night of lovemaking for those craving raving. View this event on Facebook


Opening of Philippe Van Snick

Kiosk, Gent

All hail the abstract. Recently deceased Philip van Snick was a pioneer in the field of Belgian conceptualism and minimalism, with his particular colour theories and minimalist aesthetics even the most composed hipsters can only dream of. His diverse approach of various media set the tone for the artistic development of the Belgian scene several decades ago. Still realised in close connection with the artist himself, relatives and students, this overview exhibition synthesizes the reigning principles within his work through an installation where the architectural and the painterly inform each other. A spatialized summary of his revelatory legacy. View this event on Facebook


Opening of Lucas Blalock

Rodolphe Janssen, Brussels

New Yorker Lucas Blalock returns to Rodolphe Jannssen for a second round of exquisite photographic mindfuck. Blalock breaks open perception as we have acquired it, with sets of negative prints dissolving before your eyes into something otherworldly. Digital alterations palter with vexed concepts like duration and flatness, nesting the virtual within the actual. The results on display are powerful compressed slices of placing lo-fi within an augmented plastic reality.
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Opening of Bernard Dubois & Isaac Reina

Maniera, Brussels

Maniera introduces a furniture collection sprouting from the sharp detailed minds of designers Bernard Dubois and Isaac Reina. The latter earned his stripes as leather designer at Hermès, Dubois’ inventiveness you might have encountered in the remarkable brick-built Aesop store in Brussels. This Belgian-Spanish crosspollination simultaneously cultivates the core of design and cleverly hops across the dominant codes of the craft. View this event on Facebook



LaVallée, Brussels

Moujingues proudly presents its biggest expo-event up to date in the realm of mind-bending music and visual arts. Breakthrough UK producer of the year 2019 Yak! shares his secrets during a masterclass and grooves into the night later with Moujingues’ residents Najib Barmaki, Palmeür and Togo. The Disappearance exhibition embraces a wide range of artists roaming the playground of illustration, photography, animation, performances and video and is freely accessible all night. View this event on Facebook


Reymour release party

Rue Wiertz, Brussels

Bringing the bucolic to the alcoholic. Belgian-Swiss Reymour drops with Sarabande à deux an EP sticky like fries covered in cheese fondue. Acte bonté, an electronic duo with synthesizers match the high dose of eighties glory involved as they slip in more celebratory joy with a sentimental attack on a vocoder, Mika Mayonnaise puts on some sauciness. Perfect to snap out of the sleepy weekend vibes. View this event on Facebook


Tribute to Philippe Van Snick

WIELS, Brussels

Fans of Belgian contemporary art history can go the extra mile after visiting the tribute paid to the artist Philippe Van Snick at the Kiosk exhibition Territorium and attend a panel discussion with three expert authors on his legacy as a founder of Belgian conceptualism and minimalism. At the same time, one of his last achievements, the book The Project in collaboration with Inge Keteleers, will be presented. View this event on Facebook