Agenda Thursday 20th February


Opening of Perseverance ex 1

Régence 67, Brussels

No rest for the wicked. Curators Stefan Pollak and Thomas Yanez spotted with their sixth sense for upcoming talent three students who took note of the fact that making art requires sweet, blood and tears. Chloé Arroy’s handwork and DIY tools, Martin Coste’s earthy canvas textures as well as Anthony Ngoya’s painterly installations full of pastels, neon and textile got granted the opportunity to occupy the exhibition space for the fist time. A sound performance by ex-Soulwax collaborator Piet Dierickx accompanies these emerging artists’ first steps into the gallery world. View this event on Facebook


Sébastien Bonin au Botanique

Botanique, Brussels

Bonin is the master of what could be called anecdotal painting. The painter from Brussels does not attempt to re-invent art history, but contributes to its rich legacy by consciously interacting with it. In Botaique’s exhibition space, the artist and co-founder of Island will show the fruit of the last two year’s work, with mainly painted artworks and photograms winking at the big masters. View this event on Facebook


Mondo Cane

Bozar, Brussels

While apathy and inertia continue to suck the life out of the human race, the artistic duo of Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys take Bozar over with hyper realistic puppets engaged in mechanical acts behind what can only be described as a prison gate. First presented at the Belgian Pavilion of the 58th Venice Biennale, their installation called MONDO CANE introduces an aestheticized fictional world distilled from our all too normal bland surroundings for a moment of confrontational introspection. At times eerie and spooky, the installation consist of some 20-something figures that oscillate between folk heroism and somewhat psychotic fantasy. And absolute must.View this event on Facebook


LYL Radio Brussels

Brasserie Atlas, Brussels

Lyl radio, the online community radio with offshoots in Lyon and Paris and what is undoubtedly one of the best taglines in the game (we’re the rest), is setting up shop in Brussels, contributing to a fervent and dynamic local scene with its commitment to the unheard and the unseen. In order to rustle up enough financial support to build its studios, the French streaming platform is hosting a benefit night at Brasseries Atlas with a series of live concerts and DJ sets. Tryphème, Martijn Verrycken, Maoupa Mazzochetti and Mika Oki all play their part in supporting the launch. Full support. View this event on Facebook


monokimono EP release

Het Bos, Antwerp

When monokimono’s frontman Ben Tanghe cleared out the lifelong collection of clutter that his grandmother had gathered, he stumbled upon a box with seventeen videotapes immortalizing his youth. He took the heirloom into the music studio and came out with a charmingly nostalgic EP full of fragmentary memories and faded sound colours. Sometimes never growing up is the better option.View this event on Facebook


Opening of Peter Land

M HKA, Antwerp

Danish painter-turned-into-multimedia artist Peter Land flaunts the human failure in another tragic-comic episode of ‘all too human’-ness for a new solo exhibition at MHKA. A series of drawings and videos continue pondering how the pursuit of perfection flattens life itself and get the spectator simultaneously in an uncomfortable position and chuckling in the back. Other recent museum acquisitions such as Boy and Girl (2012) dig through the disciplining school system with a grin. The other leg of this exhibition with a brand new series by Land is coming up at Keteleer Gallery next month. View this event on Facebook


Opening of Repractice Revisit Return

deSingel, Antwerp

Formulating critical reflections about one’s own is sometimes a little too umbilical, so it’s better to leave the job to someone else. Looking at our own brick constructions through the uninhibited lens of the tourist is precisely what the Flemish Architectural Institute establishes in this expo for which they handed the mic to renown architects advvt. Join the opening with various talks and workshops on the presented ensembles generating a dialogue between the Belgian architectural context and the realities of world cities like Tokyo, Istanbul and London.View this event on Facebook


Jenny Hval – The practice of love

STUK, Leuven

Ingenious image processing and conceptual romance seamlessly incorporate nineties trance in this incorporative work for the theatre stage that Norwegian multi talent Jenny Hval premiered last year in her home country. Aided by an international company of musicians, vocalists, performers and a video artist, she delves into the universal trigger of love, which she considers an equivalent to some sort of magic. Expect a show lifting the veil of her more avant-garde orientated albums, without ever compromising her visionary views. View this event on Facebook


Opening of Kiluanji Kia Henda

M Leuven, Leuven

Two halls full of photography, video and installation works for the solo exhibition of Angolan artist Kiluanji Kia Henda. Rooted in autodidact street photography, Hendo grew a profound documentary approach subverting how we take history as we know it for granted. Working between Luanda en Lisbon, Henda does not shy away from social critique, but remains ever suggestive by relying on a visual language leaning into the abstract. He manages to approach heavy topics in migration depicting photography and video work on the urban development of the desert by always peppering them with satiric and humorous details. View this event on Facebook


AntennA Festival 2020

CC Stroming Evergem, Evergem

Visual art of all sorts meets radical electronic soundtrack somewhere in the suburbs of Ghent. This two-day festival of synths magic has not only an amazingly rich programme exploring every corner of Belgian electronic experiment in store, but also some historical exclusivities like Jurgen de Blonde, the man behind KOHN, who will be toying with the famous Synthi 100 analogue synthesizer artefact that is part of the IPEM sound laboratory for the occasion. You can count on Floris Vanhoof and Roman Hiele paying tribute together with other sound wizards to pioneer André Stordeur, big city noise by Bolt Ruin and a deep listening session for triggering all your senses. View this event on Facebook


Mala & Kode9

Vaartkapoen, Brussels

Dubstep day. Backed by former bedroom producer beatsforbeaches and fixed value BunZer0, two major names in the world of dub plot a joint charm offensive for connecting people through heavy basses. King Mala reminds the crowd how he widened the scope of rhythm and bass, Kode9 is synonymous with the slick sound of South London and record label Hyperdub that hosts big names such as Burial. Raising the roof of the canal-side venue. View this event on Facebook


CEL with Felix Kubin and more

Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels

The hyperactive ghost of electromagnate Felix Kubin has been hysterically running up and down on the black keys of xylophones since forever and invited classically trained Hubert Zemler for an angular waltz through the underbelly of electronics. The two of them puzzled together an album that can easily be baptized a restless reference for the future, staggering between high culture and plastic pop and soldering African percussion with electrical discharge. Get your ticket in advance for this funky sci-fi show to avoid hot tears. View this event on Facebook


Montage x Kavir

Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Record label Montage got another compilation full of specialties up the sleeve, so time to celebrate with ambient, avant-garde club and visual arts. Set yourself up on a surprise date with Turkish 60s and 70s glory from Koray Katarcıoğlu, a surrealist show shaking up the omnipresent minimalist aesthetics in the scene and interventions and many more musical discoveries overthrowing the predictable and monotonous. crat is on duty when you want to let steam off with dancefloor debauchery. View this event on Facebook


Niemand is Illegaal Benefit

Vaartkapoen, Brussels

The support and communication platform for people without papers raises money for a squat and support projects by gathering a community of committed artists. Victor de Roo and his atmospheric poetry, Vieze Meisje’s circular mistakes as well as the amusing brass band La Clinik Du Dr. Poemback are on the list of acts ensuring a good night’s entertainment. Customize a t-shirt or a hoodie during this heartwarming benefit, grab some food or indulge in the guilty pleasures of the activist fun fair while helping a good cause. ‘Cause illegality should be illegal. View this event on Facebook


Vice City invites DJ Nomad

Pekfabrik, Antwerp

Big name from Berlin Dj Nomad has been around for two decades and still manages to meet the expectations his name raises. His sets arrive like a warm breeze from the Sahara with sounds from all over the African continent. Regulars Dj Boats, Juicy ‘the Dj’, Lil Lawaw and Arno Lemons dust the desert sand from between your toes with a classic yet efficient action plan which reads subtropical sweaty satisfaction without distraction. Viewe this event on Facebook


Banging Beirut

See U, Brussels

The city of Beirut breathes at the same time fatigue and endless energy with its eclectic mix of inhabitants, tastes and sounds that keeps on enchanting both natives and tourists. Multicultural platform Le Tour du Monde en 183 assiettes fully embraces the unique urban scenery and contradictory dynamics of Lebanon’s capital in the kitchen and behind the decks. Horror vacui textiles, critical glances at media coverage, copious flavours and the sound of oud mixing with the revolutionary beats of underground Beirut after dawn will transport you in no time to this meandering part of the Middle East. View this event on Facebook