Agenda Thursday 23rd January


Eric Chenaux & Jesus

Palace, Brussels

Jesus is my son became Jesus junior himself, or maybe it was the other way round. Grégory Duby’s fine fingerpicking folk minimalism is luckily a little less messy than the family tree of his alter ego, whose music easily transports you to the setting of a medieval castle with tinkling chandeliers in the background. The second part of this cosy concert evening was put safely in the hands of Eric Chenaux: a conceptual musician who accommodates you with a warm bath of feathery love contemplations beyond the soppy. View the event on Facebook



Bonnefoi, Brussels

Once the outcast of the orchestra, the triangle upgraded itself nowadays to an indispensable accessory of every self-proclaimed experimental music outsider. Mihassou’s layers of sound hit inattentive audience members at least as hard as the poignant instrument during its moments of glory. Summer is lurking around the corner, so no more excuses needed for hyperactivity induced by a heavy winter sleep. View the event on Facebook


Opening of Jonathan Messe

Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp

Whether you identify as a performance artist, visual creator or both, turning fifty is quite a big deal. Jonathan Messe commemorates how his own creativity keeps on running free like a child with another exhibition at Tim Van Laere Gallery. Never eschewing a certain shock effect, the Dionysian energy present on the paper is impossible to ignore and hugely inspiring. View the event on Facebook


Yassin Bey

De Roma, Antwerp

It is almost superfluous to introduce the legend. Yasiin Bey conquered the world with several hip hop milestones, whether as a former part of Native Tongue Posse, ½ of duo Black Star or Mos Def, the name that rings most bells. Boogie Man looks back onto 20 years of exquisite socially engaged and engaging music with an anniversary tour. Do the mathematics yourself. View the event on Facebook


Tomaga + Pierre Bastien and Miaux

Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels

Escaping the impact of borders on human’s lives in the grim port of Dunkirk is nearly impossible, so Pierre Bastien and Tomaga took it aboard as a theoretical impetus for a creative collaboration transcending nationalism. The result of their addictive utopia is rhythmic, lyrical and above all startling, which is also the case for key-crazy Casio upgrader Mia Prce and the sweet Miaux sounds she brings with her on stage. View the event on Facebook


Under my Garage

Fformatt, Brussels

Object Blue has made a bold and ecstatic entry into the electronic merry-go-round with tricky techno sets. Horrified by the idea of being another boring dj, she merged into the genre-travelling club sets that seemed so enticing to her. The rest is history. Support by garage guards Colino and Cabasa in Brussels’ underbelly. View the event on Facebook



Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Ready for another round of percussion-heavy partying. Acre, Croww and local don Hiele operate in every nook and cranny of the offstream, barely leaving a notion of the conventional alive. Live performances and dj sets surf across several waves of eclectic electronic music experimentation during this classic event. View the event on Faceboo


Opening of Pietro Roccasalva

Zeno X Gallery, Antwerp

The Argon Welder highlights the craftsmanship of Pietro Roccasalva. The Italian artist could be described as a painter who doesn’t like to limit himself to only one outlet. He rather tends to go for an expanded approach, which in turn allows medium-specific reflection. Worth to check out how gloomy brush strokes meet up in a dodgy alleyway with a metal juicer. Next to this solo exhibition at the gallery, there will also be an accompanying group exhibition with works on paper by big names such as Michaël Borremans, Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven and Luc Tuymans. View the event on Facebook


Snobs #3

Het Bos, Antwerp

Sneaky snobbery situated somewhere in between music, performance art and visual treats. Beloved The Word Radio besties DJ Flapy and Arno Lemons, Kokoku and Zeta Lys toot their own horn, together with other fresher acts such as A z e r t y klavierwerke who gets up on his high horse regardless of other big acts such as Mauro Monument Pawloski. Liège-based ssaliva, in a league of his own, tops the bill. Essential. View the event on Facebook


AliA invites

Amigo Amigo, Ghent

C12 regular and one of the youngest club stars on the horizon AliA generously shares her knowledge of essential British influences during this Ghentian night out. Alexander Nut is a versatile and vital vinyl crusader, founder of Eglo Records and host of his epnymous radio show on NTS who is certain to turn up with stomping set. Not from the UK himself, Brussels-based Cabasa invigorates the huge impact of the British scene on his output by picking and mixing sublime specialties from UK labels. View the event on Facebook


The Sound of the Belgian Underground

L’Ancienne Belgique, Brussels

Let’s have a look at what is hiding in Belgium’s basement. The capital’s music temple will be filled during this special night with a wild variety of Belgian noises by Russian and Flemish mixing Chibi Ichigo, diva of the bittersweet IKRAAN and Clara! y Maoupa, swaying through the underground with pieces of perreo. To balance out all the stage action, influential figures such as Tommy Denys from Les Ateliers Claus will dive into discussions on current dynamics with strong recently emerged icons in the scene like Charlotte Adigéry. Brussels at its best. View the event on Facebook


Destination Earth

Table Dance, Antwerp

Legend has it that Finnish people firmly believe in gnomes, but you might as well sustain superstition in fine Finnish delicacies. The psyched out electronics of Samuli Tanner pair surprisingly well with Heta Bilaletdin’s Finnish rap-like reveries. New Root throws in some extra greasy tunes for a night of full-on Sunday night table dancing at the Tavern of Experimentalism. View the event on Facebook


Le Corbusier > < Imi Knoebel

OV Project, Brussels

Platform OV regularly bends the linear concept of art history into a thought-provoking conversational format by setting up a dialogue between the oeuvre of two artists situated in different disciplines. Project number 21 aims to confront the use of colour in furniture designed by world famous Swiss architect Le Corbusier with the visual works of German post-war protagonist Imi Knoebel. The latter’s series of Betoni paintings display a rather radically-inclined and minimalist approach colour, sharing similarities and contrast with Le Corbusier’s celebrated design ethos. View the event on OV Project's website


Digestive Disaster, Lucky Star

Stems Gallery, Brussels

Feeling bloated from the festivities is an ideal excuse to nourish oneself with spiritual food for thought in the white cube. Stems Gallery organizes a group show curated by Maurane Colson and Marion Denné, who look deeper into the dinner party’s sociality and conviviality, as well as its connotations of consumption, self-indulgence and excess. Performances by Jack Brennan, MSK Social Club & Amber Vanluffelen sprinkled across the artworks of a bunch of artists such as Tom Hallet, Nicholas Stolarckzykk and Stef Van Looveren will contemplate the temporary magic initiated by a shared moment of consuming food. View the event on Stems Gallery's website


Architects at Play

Civa, Brussels

Most adults eventually get over their childhood dreams, although it could be argued that architects stand alone in never entirely foregoing their tendencies for limitless imagination, their capacity to construct worlds beyond our wildest dreams, tapping into their inner infant forming the basis of CIVA’s latest exhibition, Architects at Play. Exploring the invention mechanisms that underpin these constructed realities, the exhibition touches upon themes such as childhood, education, urbanism, public spaces, history, architecture and creativity to retrace the history of dreamt up structures and the importance of child play. Paying tribute to the power of the imaginary, the exhibition pits the playground to the blueprint to magnificent effect. View the event on Civa's website


Nashshibi/Skaer and noWHere

SMAK, Ghent

Not just one, but two new exhibitions at S.M.A.K. The first one dusts up the collection of the contemporary art temple uniting artworks that relate to the idea of ‘non-places’. Think of the uncanny atmosphere in hotel rooms, empty metro stations and the museum itself. The specific temporality reining those spaces aligns with the sculptural, cinematic and painterly investigations of non-linear time characterizing the joint practice of Nashashibi/Skaer. View the event on SMAK's website


Off the Grid

Design Museum Gent, Ghent

The magic of good graphic design is that you keep looking at it. From the iconic World Expo of 1958 until the advent of the personal computer, Belgian designers gave birth to a fair amount of graphic gems. Sarah De Bondt entered the history of Belgian graphic design with her own artistically charged gaze. Relying on ten concepts that also shape her own artistic practice - such as economy of means, seriality and social relevance - she has resurrected a captivating universe full of original printed matters and logo objects by both well-known and obscure designers whose works have never faced the crowd. View the event on Design Museum's website


Egon Van Herreweghe – High Fidelity

Hopstreet Gallery, Brussels

High fidelity is part number 3 coming up in a series of collaborations between Hopstreet Gallery and conceptual artist Egon Van Herreweghe. This time, you can expect to be confronted with painted woodcuts of hi-fi equipment as found during online shopping. Condense visual codes hide in seemingly unimportant elements of the dozens of images we consume, something Van Herreweghe seizes and serves as a curious critique on the influence big global brands have on dreams of success and achievement. View the event on Hopstreet Gallery's website


David Brian Smith and Zoë Paul

Baronian Xippas, Brussels

When the velvet curtain falls on the old gallery year at Baronian Xippas, only more pompous textures are being revealed. Zoë Paul’s figurative bronzes, beads and weavings ring in a sumptuous lunar eclipse in Capricorn reminiscent of Greek deities. Mythical references and textile work are exactly where she touches upon shared ground with David Brian Smith’s landscapes and portraits: the British painter’s landscapes grapple with traces of family legends and folkoristic symbolism, giving traditional painting on herringbone linen a meditative twist. View the event on Baronian Xippas' website


Jan Pilkington

Keteleer Gallery, Antwerp

Layer upon layer upon layer. The new works heading straight from the Danish atelier of UK grown Jon Pilkington might resemble a dense collages, yet everything is completely hand painted. Consider it an imaginary trip through a classy mid-century apartment stuffed with books, expensive art and cultural references, or just a colourful and comforting chaos. View the event on Keteleer Gallery's website


Caroline Vanderlinden – À Double Face

Plus One Gallery, Antwerp

Vanderlinden keeps the distant close. The sense of unity developed throughout her works is never achieved by a pre-envisioned planning of series or clear cut concepts, but rather through the re-appearance of organic motifs that attract her like passe-partouts, plants and contrasting colours hesitating between matte and shiny. Hence why her sweet eye candy crosses the border between impersonal and hyper personal, standing out in a stream of painting artworks we are already way too familiar with. View the event on Plus One Gallery


Implicit Movement

Gallery Sofie Van de Velde, Antwerp

The opening of the goodness German art specialist slash trustee of minimalist artist Charlotte Posenenske’s estate Burkhard Brunn selected and brought together will be topped off with a proper traditional New Year’s toast. Straightforward and meticulous as ever, the curator gathers with this fine group show a handful of exciting artists around the work of his onetime partner. View the event on Gallery Sofie Van de Velde's website


Eduardo Paolozzi

Clearing, Brussels

Opening season is still in full blast. C L E A R I N G, which has settlements in both the Big Apple and Brussels, is next in line with an expo on Scotland’s finest pop-proto pioneer. Graphic designer, sculptor and founding member of the Independent Group Eduoardo Paolozzi was a regular at the Documenta expo and the Venice Bienal with his surreal collage montages and playground-like sculptures. In other words: art history up for the grabs. View the event on Clearing's website


Roger Ballen – The Theatre of the Ballenesque

Centrale for contemporary art, Brussels

Born in New York in 1950, artist Roger Ballen has been based in South Africa for more than 30 years now, his work imbued by the country’s rich, complex and contrasting fortunes to mesmerising effect. With this exhibition, his first major show in Brussels, Ballen presents photographs, videos, in situ installations as well as some of his lesser-known graphic interventions, immersing the viewer in a made-to-measure universe – titled The Theatre of the Ballenesque – which draws heavily on his uncanny ability to unearth the underbelly of society’s absurdities through his singular eye. Alongside this ambitious show, Belgian artist Ronny Delrue will be presenting a series of photographs set in dialogue to Ballen’s work and enhanced by drawings as well as photomontages made by the two artists. A definite must-see.
View the event on Centrale for contemporary art's website


Keith Haring

Bozar, Brussels

For many amongst us, Keith Haring’s typical one-line figures became one of the first encounters with modern art as a child. The American icon of public art and activism cherished children’s infinite imagination, with a baby-like creature as recurrent element in his accessible visual language. A simple and dynamic style brought American street life into the art gallery and vice versa: the subway became the ultimate canvas to exhibit, testifying of the still relevant dialogue the famous artist initiated with the social and political reality of 80s New York. An indispensable retrospective of an artist manoeuvring between Warhol and Basquiat. View the event on Bozar's website


Punk Graphics

ADAM – Brussels Design Museum, Brussels

New genres come and go all the time in our ever-changing musical landscape, but punk will live on forever. Not only did the punk movement leave behind a gigantic musical legacy, it also impacted graphic design and style far beyond its heyday mid seventies in the epicentres of New York and London. In its continuing quest to look at the visual side of countless different genres, ADAM – Brussels Design Museum brings together posters, album covers and other DIY memorabilia from a New York private collection that has never been brought to Europe before, reinforcing how the subculture got embedded in our contemporary visual culture. A welcomed walk down memory lane, with the added possibility of compiling a vinyl playlist with your own selection of protest songs. View the event on ADAM's website