Agenda Thursday 30th January


Apéro Distro: Salon disques & cassettes

E²/Sterput, Brussels

Crate digging with drinks in hand. Apéro Distro is the central meeting point for discovering the fresh harvest of local independent cassette and LP imprints. Familiar faces Tanuki Records, Lexi Disques as well as Silken among others sign present for this laid back afterwork dust and grooves sesh. View this event on Facebook


Opening of Frank van der Salm

B scene, Antwerp

Photographer Frank van der Salm uses his camera as a magnifying glass for toying around with our vision of the urban environment. Monochromy and detaillism linger throughout his photographic oeuvre as tools for critically interrogating oppositions like objectivity versus subjectivity, flat image versus three-dimensional and the real versus the distorted. This particular exhibition juxtaposes a careful selection of his early works with a recently assigned work inspired by a Binst Architects realisation. Putting our perception to the test. View this event on Facebook


Nâ Hawa Doumbia trio

Het Bos, Antwerp

Thanks to the Awesome Tapes from Africa label, the Great Malian Singer Nahawa Doumbia re-releases the debut album she recorded back in the day as a young aspiring singer. Her minimalist singing narrating life’s highs and lows accompanied by guitar strumming has not lost a bit of its magic, which will only be invigorated live on stage during this concert by the traditional nimble-fingered sound of the typically West-African ngoni. Essential. View this event on Facebook


Opening of Narcissus?

Base-Alpha Gallery, Antwerp

Artists and their egos excel in this group show by showing off the eclectic and vibrant Belgian contemporary art scene. Genderqueer actualizations by Stef Van Looveren, Jacopo Pagin’s perfomative and painterly gestures, Alessandro Lopez's stone and glass sculptures as well as Wobbe Micha’s elegant ponderings on gravity all sit alongside each other in this exhibition of installations, photography and drawings. View this exhibition on Facebook


Concert Création: 3 solos

Centrale for contemporary art, Brussels

The Week of Sound got masterminds behind experimental music and sound art hub QO-2 out of their comfortable cocoon behind the scenes for a well-deserved moment in the spotlights. The tight team of Julia Eckhardt, Caroline Profanter and Henry Andersen will give you a glimpse of how they juggle with the auditory in their personal artistic practices, each performing recent solo works. A definitive highlight of the week's program. View the event on Facebook


Sibyl Vane and Run Dust

Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels

Sibyl Vane is both dandy Oscar Wilde’s most famous literary creation and a corruption of Baroque sounds through technological hacking. Flutes from the past embrace the electronics we encounter in everyday life, resulting into filmic soundscapes. Luke Calzonetti goes by the name of Run Dust when he scoops up subtleties of music styles for a sinister soft-noise punch full of secret ingredients. Two innovative acts restoring the faith in out-there electronic music.
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Opening of 23 Quai du Commerce, 1080/1000 Bruxelles

Argos, Brussels

Cineast Chantal Akerman would have been proud to see the richness of artistic initiatives and reflections engaging with the hard to grasp surroundings of Brussels. This group exhibition, which features works by Black Speaks Back, Hana Miletić, Ibro Hasanović, Nazanin Fakoor, Roel Heremans, Roxanne Maillet, rile* and many more, pays tribute to her poetic cinematic vision on urban environment by tying together multiple ends of critical collaborations transcending the individualistic city lifestyle. The result weaves a tapestry of video works, books, sounds and design creations coming from the cobblestones of the capital. View this event on Facebook


Chanoirs at Recyclart

Recyclart, Brussels

Night owling is the black cats’ middle name. Abrasively massacring techno, industrial and power electronica, Techno thriller’s live-set promises to hit harder than a baseball bat. It sets the tone for other DJ sets full of dark techno en dark wave by Lostsoundbytes, Israfil and Lux18. One you'll need the entire week to get over from. View this event on Facebook


Strictly Niceness Welcomes Bobbito Garcia

Strictly Niceness, Brussels

Puerto Rican born Robert “Bobbito” Garcia adds some soul to your Saturday night after spicing up the early hip-hop scene with the iconic The Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Show. Engraved in the collective memory, it shaped an entire generation of listeners, as well as kick-started the careers of the notorious B.I.G. and Jay Z amongst many others. Besides producing records and making films, the ambassador of nineties nostalgia touches down from time to time for a night of NYC-loft style dancing. Your chance to witness a true legend behind the decks. View this event on Facebook


Jonathan Messe

Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp

Turning fifty is a major milestone, especially in the life of an artist. Tim Van Laere hosts a two-month birthday reception for multidimensional artist Jonathan Meese with a fourth solo exhibition full of Dionysian energy. Fuelled by an overarching utopia of encompassing everything in a grotesque total work of art power format where art is the rule rather than the exception, Meese now deconstructs his midlife crisis by showing his newest canvas sculptures to the world. These will be presented for this special occasion alongside an installation of sculptures and paintings celebrating his lifelong journey of developing genre and media crossing artworks. View this exhibition on Tim Van Laere's website


Digestive Disaster, Lucky Star

Stems Gallery, Brussels

Brussels' Stems Gallery hosts a group show curated by Maurane Colson and Marion Denné, who look deeper into the dinner party’s sociality and conviviality, as well as its connotations of consumption, self-indulgence and excess. Performances by Jack Brennan, MSK Social Club & Amber Vanluffelen sprinkled across the artworks of a bunch of artists such as Tom Hallet, Nicholas Stolarckzykk and Stef Van Looveren will contemplate the temporary magic initiated by a shared moment of consuming food. View this exhibition on Stems Gallery's website