Agenda Thursday 6th February


Opening of Eva Donckers – What happens when nothing happens

Tique, Antwerp

Antwerp-based artist Eva Donckers’ body of work centres on the poetry of the everyday, with her knack for elevating the mundane and obvious to astonishing heights making her one of the most interesting photographic voices currently working on the local landscape. Underpinned by her inert ability to slow down and observe, Donckers’ work focuses on the unseen, the avoidable and the often-forgotten to heighten the viewer’s awareness of what should, really, be in full view. An essential show by an essential artist. View this event on Facebook


Opening of Els Dietvorst

M HKA, Antwerp

The first overview exhibition of Antwerp-born, Ireland-based artist Els Dietvorst is part of a rich series of shows kicking off the season at M HKA. As an art-ivist acting across a variety of media such as documentary film, installation art and sculptures, Dietvorst centre stages those outsiders who tend to slip through the social net. Dooltocht/A desperate quest to find a base for hope attempts to construct a coherent insight into her tactic of rag picking traces of human fragility, preserving the precarious character of her creations, even during the four performance interventions planned during the opening event. The more, the merrier: among the six others shows there is Californian Tramain de Senna’s series of new sculptures and Alice Creisher politically critical staging of a banker’s party in the 1930s. View this event on Facebook


Closet of Records: Jj Funhouse

Het Bos, Antwerp

Too many DJ’s yes, but never too many records. Beloved Antwerp record imprint Jj Funhouse, strong on the recent release of David Edren and Bent von Bent’s Spirit & Form, handpick a selection of personal favourites during dinnertime at Bosbar. View this event on Facebook


Opening of Jamie Fitzpatrick

Deborah Bowmann, Brussels

The Magician & The Lover is a solo presentation of Jamie Fitzpatrick’s vivid and tactile aesthetic brought to life by unpolished wax technique figures reminiscent of a slightly scary version of Madame Tussauds. Besides stimulating haunting dreams full of puppet-like creatures, this artist’s pluridisciplinary practice subverts the rhetoric of image making and power structures encoded in memorial objects with hyper inflated absurdism. View this event on Facebook


Les Mots Bleus

L’Usine, Brussels

Painters Pedro Ruxa and François Patoue’s tie the knot between amorous affairs and painterly processes. Ruxa takes in his love for the paintbrush directly, depicting sceneries of displaying affection for his painting tools on the canvas, whereas Patoue thinks of his final product as a scene of the crime where one can trace the hard work a love relationship demands. The colour blue is the only silent means of communication involved in this artistic liaison. View this event on Facebook


GOAT (PJ) + Fornet

STUK, Leuven

Not to be confused with their Swedish experimental namesake, this Japanese collective hailing from Osaka combines precise rhythms with hyperactive feints between jazz, postpunk and minimal techno. Never too polished and always in for a noisy intermezzo, this group lures even the most sceptic amongst us into a musical universe devoid of typical techno tropes. View this event on Facebook


Opening of Boutros – Museum for a Small City

SMAK, Gent

Expositions always come in multipacks these days. Charbel-joseph H. Boutros’ work focuses on appearing invisible in zones of transitions and everyday in-betweenness. Installations, sculptures and video creations underline in a first solo exhibition on Belgian territory how the Lebanese civil war always latently hides underneath the skin of their manufacturer, eventually seeping into the pores of his output. The selection of the museum’s permanent collection on the other hand grapples with a poetics not so much endowed with melancholy. It brings an ode to the power of imagining the impossible with works by Bruce Nauman, Panamarenko, Jef Geys and Jason Rhoades. View this event on Facebook


Opening of Gavin Vanaelst x Laura Geurten

KOP, Antwerp

When not crafting fresh mixes for The Word, the faithful DJ Charme aka Gavin Vanaelst is probably perfecting the art of attic bricolage at the KOP headquarters. Graphic artist Laura Geurten, who is going to reveal a bas-relief herself, convinced him to bring his three-dimensional works down into the exposition room for a joint exposition with other painterly and graphic reveries bypassing direct representation. A sign on the wall that creativity is contagious. View this event on Facebook


The Word Radio x Centrale for contemporary art

Centrale for contemporary art, Brussels

In the context of Roger Ballen’s solo exhibition, The Theatre of the Ballenesque, and Ronny Delrue's solo show, Correspondances, running at CENTRALE for contemporary art until 14th March, we’re hosting a live broadcast from the Brussels institution with two DJ sets by African Diplomat and Soumaya PHeline as well as a much-anticipated live performance by local shaman Bear Bones, Lay Low. The entire evening is free, including entrance to both exhibitions. View this event on Facebook


Céline Gillain

Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Following her residency at Beursschouwburg, The Word Radio resident Céline Gillain overcomes her stage fright to present new compositions. Increasingly beloved for her feminist-infused alternative pop narrative, Gillain leaves little room for the conventional, always ensuring her dark and cynical humour shines through. Marouchka and Poxcat on support duties.
View this event on Facebook


Sound Objects Poetry and Beyond

toitoiDROME, Borgerhout

Classically trained percussionist and genre-bending researcher Eric Thielemans pays his duties after a period of residency at studio space and collective toitoiDrome. Together with a poetry act provided by writer Douglas Park and another an avant-garde set by Berlin experimental scene exponent and label owner Sean Derrick Cooper, this off the beaten track evening of entertainment ticks off several boxes. View this event on Facebook


Opening of Seydou Keita & Norbert Ghisoland

Gallery Fifty One, Antwerp

In times where everyone is constantly carrying around a camera, it is hard to imagine that the photo studio was once the ultimate safe space were one was to be immortalized. Photographers Norbert Ghisoland and Seydou Keïtha spent hours immersed in the art of armouring models with accessories for analogue portraits, miles and years apart from each other. Ghisoland saw the tormented faces of a coal-mining community passing before his lens. Keïta captured a changing Malinese society, which only hesitantly embraced photographic technology. Juxtaposing the black and white prints of both initiates a dialogue between two artists with a radically different background reviving the past by grasping their own present. View this event on Facebook


Opening of Jóhanna Kristbjörg Siguroardóttir

Moonstreet, Antwerp

Soft geometric figures and details of daily life are Icelandic artist Jóhanna Kristbjörg Siguroardóttir’s trusted travel companions. During previous solo shows she worked on all-encompassing installations including painting, sculpture and performance, for this upcoming opening of Slow movements somewhere between green and blue she has only lifted a tip of the veil by posting images online of wavelike 3D objects.View this event on Facebook


Second Sundays 21

Q-02, Brussels

This month’s edition of the best sonic Sunday afternoon hangout in town is dedicated to the book release of artist, writer and theorist Brandon LaBelle who will talk you through the acoustic territories of his eponymous book. Walking through urban neighbourhoods, underground territories and the cocoons of our homes with pointed ears, he shows how sound studies contribute to a critical understanding of our contemporary society and consorts. Afterwards Lendl Barcelos’ CUE snoops into the back room of the DJ booth, disclosing the preparatory sounds of DJ sets in a two-room spatialized installation. View this event on Facebook



Bazaar, Brussels

Das EFX is the legendary rap duo of MCs Dray and Skoob. The guys from the golden age of US hip hop turn up in the hood with a fast flow and furious flexes to prove that the crowd still craves EFX’s unique performances. Legends in the flesh. View this event on Facebook