Agenda Thursday 10th October

Festival Voix de Femmes from 10th to 26th October various locations across Liège

Festival Voix des Femmes, this year in its 14th edition, shines a light on the diverse practices of female artists of all kind, with a special focus on connections, exchanges, dialogues, research, experimentation, trials and try-outs. For its 2019 instalment, curated under the umbrella theme of resistance to inertia, ode to colours and tribute to movements, documentary screenings, theatrical performances, witch crafts, militant knitting sessions, concerts and much more collide in a 10-day long program spread out across no less than 10 venues in Liège. Highlights include Line Guellati’s latest theatrical body of work around our perception of mental health, Les Sorties de Chaudron’s sorcery history, Aletha Arnaquq-Baril’s documentary on the lost art of Inuit face tattoos as well as concerts by Felicia Atkinson and the experimentally-hypnotic duo of Osilasi who recently performed a live session in our studios. Absolutely essential.
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Khidja, Eirwud Mudwasser, kinema ikon & Hun Hun on Friday 11th October at Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Beursschouwburg teams up with Europalia in the context of its focus on Romania for a night of exploratory electronic music. On the program: the world premiere of legendary collective kinema ikon’s lost short movies re-scored by Inne Eysermans, Ben Bertrand and Céline Gillain to name a few, a live audiovisual show by Bucharest’s Khidja and a DJ set by emerging Romanian producer Eirwud Mudwasser. Go downtown to head east. file View the event on Facebook

Opening of Has Been Alaïa on Friday 11th October at Everyday Gallery, Antwerp

A group show curated by Sorry We’re Closed’s Emilie Pischedda, Has Been Alaïa presents a wide selection of pieces taking the viewer in the intimacy of the artist’s work, devoid of any pretence and performance, eschewing the artist’s ego in favour of the actual work, zooming in on the substance as opposed to the surface. Including works by Carlotta Bailly-Borg, Anastasia Bay, Valérie Collart, Victor Delestre, Sophie Graniou, Zora Mann, Joseph Marzolla, Heloise Rival, Éric Stephany, Adrien Vermont and WATP, expect an exhibition not so different than “those blind singers in Mexico, who see nothing, but hear everything and sing, and sing again, to embellish the world on their level.’ file View the event on Facebook

Die Hard: Rest Now! On Friday 11th October at Vooruit, Ghent

A tribute to cult 80s action flick Die Hard just cannot go wrong in our book. Held in the context of Vooruit’s Videodroom festival and headlined by Belgo-Italian label Rest Now! - who’ve concocted their very own tribute to the Bruce Willis-staring movie by re-scoring its soundtrack in the most dramatic, near-dystopian of fashion – the night will begin with a talk with Rest Now! co-founder Alberto Cattani, move on to a special screening of the actual movie to end with an after-party that’ll see Chevel and Swan Meat play live, whilst soundscape prodigy bod and our very own Mika Oki will be handling deck duties. Completed by live VJing by 2F4F, the masterminds behind The Word Radio’s many video interventions, the night promises to be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Don’t sleep. file View the event on Facebook

Kim Doo Soo, Aki Onda & Fuji Yuki on Saturday 12th October at Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels

Korean acid folk singers Kim Doo Soo’s song of political oppression, alcoholism, suicide and ten-year mountain seclusion, Japanese sound archivist Aki Onda’s Walkman-enabled performative recordings and Japanese female vocalist Fuji Yuki’s minimal drone soundscapes take to the stage at Les Ateliers Claus for a soft-tinted, ethereal and whimsical night. file View the event on Facebook

Botanical Bodies: On the Political and Ritual Meaning of Plants on Saturday 12th October at Netwerk, Aalst

An extended afternoon of talks, encounters and discussions delving into, as its name suggests, the political and ritual meaning of plants with Wendy Morris’ recent project The Herball – a compilation of plants used by a 17th century midwife -, Aneta Rostkowska’s project dedicated to the social and political aspects of the history of plants with regards to colonialism and Georgiana Cojocaru’s talk about Romanian folklore’s reliance on plants, animals, myths, legends and rituals. file View the event on Facebook

GHOST x Alien Edition on Saturday 12th October at Vooruit, Ghent

To mark the 40th anniversary of Ridley Scott’s genre-defining, boundary-bending sci-fi classic Alien, 10 artists have been invited by Vooruit to re-interpret certain scenes from the hair-rising movie through scenography, music, dance, song and performance. Including contributions by Raveyards, Mattias Decraene, Hantrax (pictured), NAH, Creatures of the night, Sofire DM and more, this one’s not for the faint of heart. file View the event on Facebook

Opening of Nadia Naveau – Let’s Play It By Ear on Sunday 13th October at Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Deurle

For her exhibition at the Deurle’s Dhondt-Dhaenens museum, Nadia Naveau has created a new installation in which diverse sculptures are brought together in a comprehensive scenography, pairing new sculptures together with existing works that were rehashed and reworked into plaster and lent an entire new meaning. Your chance to see the magnificent, awe-inspiring work of one of the country’s most genial sculptural artists.
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Belgian photographer Jan Kempenaers – maybe best known for his Spomenik series documenting long-lost communist monuments in Yugoslavia – focuses his lenses closer to home this time, honing in on the shockingly prevalent presence of monuments erected in honour of King Leopold II’s Congo Free State. Through a revealing series of 40-strong images, Kempenaers goes beyond mere documentary intentions, using each photograph to question these monuments’ legitimacy, what they say about the country’s past colonial transgressions (to put it mildly) and whether these still belong in the public space. Juxtaposing some of his photographs with other pictures from his Spomenik series or other artworks from Mu.Zee’s collection, the exhibition makes for powerful, if somewhat uneasy, viewing. Essential. file


Palais de Justice (2017), Carey Young’s critically-acclaimed video installation, was filmed covertly at the Palais de Justice in Brussels. Contradicting the familiar patriarchal culture of law, Young's camera depicts female judges and lawyers at court. Sitting at trial and delivering judgments, female judges were filmed through a series of circular windows in courtroom doors, without the knowledge or permission of anyone depicted. Young subtly builds a counter-narrative: a legal system seemingly centred on, and perhaps controlled by women, as if male presence may be optional or unnecessary in this particular future. This ambitious piece develops and extends the body of law-related artwork which Carey Young has created for more than seventeen years into timely concerns with gender, power and the cinematic. file View the exhibition on La Loge's website

Emmanuel Van der Auwera until 3rd November at Botanique, Brussels

Through his near-scientific series of films, video installations and conceptual projects that touch upon the traumas, stories and media education of the digital era, Brussels-based artist Emmanuel Van der Auwera explores formal and conceptual filters, questioning the processes of representation and the transmission of images assembled from contemporary mass media. In his film “The Sky is on Fire” - presented at Brussels’ Botanique and part of a diptych also on show at Harlan Levey Gallery - the artist interrogates digital culture and memory through a virtual reconstruction of the urban landscape of Miami, deadening its back streets through the use of technology that can scan the environment using a smartphone. In “The Death of K9 Cigo,” the diptych’s second film, Van der Auwera addresses the collective consciousness through the tributes paid to K9 Cigo, a police dog killed by gunfire in Florida. Heavy-hitting and giving the viewer much to chew on, Van der Auwera’s work is both a reflection of the times we live in and a damning commentary of them. Essential. file View the event on Botanique's website

Susana Pilar – Body Present until 17th November at Kiosk, Ghent

Ghent gallery space Kiosk opens the new season with Body Present, a solo show by Cuban artist Susana Pilar that presents a new performance that links our country’s colonial history to her own childhood, the particular demographics of her homeland, and her Afro-Cuban descent from slaves from Sierra Leone and Congo. The piece is presented alongside a series of photographs, videos and drawings, all of which are based in performance and present the assertive, black female body. Through her arresting body of work, Pilar focuses on social and historical issues of gender and race by taking her own personal experiences and family history and relating them to contemporary concerns such as migration and violence against women, with her own body often taking central place in her practice. Essential viewing. file View the event on Kiosk Gallery's website

CAMP: Beginnings until 22nd December at Argos Center for Art and Media, Brussels

ARGOS ushers in its new season with Beginnings, an exhibition that traces some of the conceptual and artistic origins of CAMP, a Mumbai-based studio for trans- disciplinary media practices. Running until 22nd December, the exhibition revisits a number of formative artworks dating from the period, 2001-2008, before the influencing studio set up shop, drawing on some of the fundamental elements that would subsequently come to define the studio’s main artistic concerns. Since 2008, CAMP has built a steady reputation for exploring the emancipatory possibilities of image-making, archival practices, distribution, and viewership through artistic projects and interventions. The studio aim to challenge our understanding of technology and infrastructure, while bringing knowledge and the reversal of power dynamics to the fore. file View the event on Argos' website

Open Skies until 5th January September at WIELS, Brussels

Challenging the ever-growing calls for transparency, Open Skies draws on the works of seven artists whose very practices seek to elude the global supremacy of the like-button, evade the elevator pitch or entangle the reductive statement of intent. Instead, they create works that ambiguously play with masks and codes, projections and fantasies, at the intersection of language, popular culture and technology. Including works by Luiza Crosman, Helen Dowling, Toon Fibbe, Naïmé Perrette, Leander Schönweger, Emmanuel Van der Auwera and Jelena Vanoverbeek, Open Skies suggests mystery, shadow, and nuance as modern-day forms of resistance. file View the event on WIELS's website

Marcel Broodthaers - “Soleil Politique” until 19th January at M HKA, Antwerp

Presenting the first retrospective of the celebrated and beloved Belgian artist Marcel Broodthaers in his own country for over a decade, Muhka’s Le Soleil Politique focuses on the artist’s oeuvre from an Antwerp perspective, providing a comprehensive overview of the breadth of themes, media and presentation strategies Broodthaers was known to engage with and demonstrating the artist’s long-held belief that art is always political. Rarely exhibited works and documents, as well as the first time ever showing of “Decor: A conquest by Marcel Broodthaers,” will form the nexus of this exhibition which makes a fine job of showcasing the many facets of this fascinating artistic force. Essential. file View the event on M HKA's website