Agenda Thursday 13th June

Felicia Atkinson, Liew Niyomkarn, Lieven Martens & David Edren on Thursday 13th June at Onder Stroom, Antwerp

Onder Stroom concoct a sweet and savvy line-up with Felicia Atkinson, Liew Niyomkarn, Lieven Martens & David Edren (of DSR Lines). Experimental and ethereal vibes guaranteed. file View the event on Facebook

Out Loud x NOSE JOB on Thursday 13th June at Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Strong on the back of his recent release of Nose Job’s own imprint, Molmö’s Prins Emanuel takes on deck duties, with Milan W. and Rick Shiver on support. Tip. file View the event on Facebook

Ligobskoï – jalan on Thursday 13th June at Brasserie Atlas, Brussels

Interdisciplinary artistic duo Ligobskoï, based between Brussels and Paris, explore the metaphysical and poetical potential of two intangible materials – sound and light – through their audiovisual installations that aim to transform spaces into immersive environments drawing their audiences into contemplative experiences. file View the event on Facebook

Friends of Friends on Friday 14th June at GANG.atelier, Brussels

To mark the opening of their new co-creative studio, GANG atelier present an intimate selection of art in collaboration with curatorial platform, with some emerging Belgian designers included for good measure. Includes works by Martin Belou, Michel François, Léa Munsch, Max Pinckers, Philippe Van Snick and Destroyers / Builders. file View the event on Facebook

Out Loud with Céline Gillain, Raymonde & Dimitri Runkkari on Friday 14th June at Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Brussels-based French composer Raymonde – who’s just released a magnificent album on Vlek – and Céline Gillain perform live, with Vlek head honcho Dimitri Runkkari on DJ duties. Essential. file View the event on Facebook

La Nuit Super 8 Nacht on Friday 14th June at Argos, Brussels

An entire night paying tribute to the marvels of the super 8 camera, with screenings, workshops, performances and an exhibition. The evening will also see a series of short archival movies on Brussels, shot between 1950 and 1970, screened for your nostalgic pleasure. One for kids and their parents. file View the event on Facebook

When Hurricanes are Coming People Tend to Drink more Beer on Saturday 15th June at Château Nour, Brussels

Clovis XV presents the work of Leipzig-based artists Ronny Szillo and Marian Luft, whose practices are born out of their resistance to the exclusively market-dominated environment of their city with an artistic narrative pieced together in post-digital, IRL fashion. file View the event on Facebook

Delicate Music Festival on Saturday 15th June at BRASS, Brussels

For its second edition – whose aim is to focus the immersive experience of music and touch upon the proximity potential between artist and audience - Delicate Festival pays tribute to music and the exterior, with live performance by Felicia Atkinson, Brumes, Julian Sartorius and Half Asleep. The festival will also include a listening session from composer Thomas Jean Henri as Cabane, and a soundscape installation by collectif ensemble o. file View the event on Facebook

Psst Missfite 3.0 on Saturday 15th June at Woodpecker, Brussels

Psst Mlle, Missfitte and 3.0 Parties join forces for this all-female line-up with gayance, Zoulou, Anna Yad and Azo going hard from 2 to 10pm. Full support.
file View the event on Facebook

LifeSnacks Open Air 02 on Sunday 16th June at Sint-Paulusinstituut, Ghent

In its second instalment, this outdoor, two-stage fest’s banking on the sun making a lasting appearance to welcome its stellar line-up – including Antinote’s Zaltan and Fabric London resident Voigtmann. file View the event on Facebook

Katleen Vinck – Capsules until 22nd June at Base-Alpha Gallery, Antwerp

In this new solo show of her work at Antwerp’s Base Alpha Gallery, Belgian artist Katleen Vinck has conducted research into extreme capsule architecture, monolithic concrete architecture and their relationship with the natural monolith, working for the very first time with both ceramics and concrete. The result is a new series that oscillates to perfection between aesthetics and functionality, threading the fine line between art and science. file View on Base-Alpha's Website

Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven until 29th June at Zeno X, Antwerp

Drawing on a wide variety of techniques and media and bringing together drawings, works on Plexiglas as well as a tapestry, Zeno X’s comprehensive solo show of Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven – entitled Syzygy, which is also the name of her monthly residency here on The Word Radio - attests to the full breath of the pioneering artist. Essential viewing. file View on Zeno-X's Website

Marie Rosen – Noumènes until 13th July at Rossi Contemporary, Brussels

Brussels-based painter Marie Rosen shows a new series of customary enigmatic, surreal and at times fragile works that oscillate between new naiveté and art history. file View on the Rossi Contemporary's Website

Karishma D’Souza – Midway Mark until 13th July at Baronian Xippas, Brussels

Part of the new wave of painters that has emerged from India, Karishma D’Souza’s work weaves together memories of places, with her practice anchored in the environment in which she was brought up in, transporting the viewer on a tranquil voyage through the artist’s Mumbai. Don’t be fooled though, her work belies political and contextual relevance which, despite the inherent lyricism and poetry prevalent throughout her body of work, manages to piece together a social commentary of sorts on contemporary Indian society. file View on Baronian Xippas's Website

Lisa Vlaemminck – Cryogenic Sleep in Full Colour until 19th July at Rodolphe Janssen Gallery, Brussels

At times organic, at others virtual, the work of KASK graduate Lisa Vlaemminck can be confounding to say the least, her artistic expression often leaving the viewer unsure of what it is that is being shown. Is it a life-like glow, or a nuclear-infused radiation? Is it a dream or a nightmare? Free-flowing substance or consolidated form? Or is it all of the above? Yours for the taking. file View on Rodolphe Janssen's Website