Agenda Thursday 19th September

Maarten De Ceulaer on Thursday 19th September at Flagey, Brussels

In the context of Design September’s series of talks and conference, Brussels-based designer Maarten De Ceulaer, a graduate of Eindhoven’s famed Design Academy, opens up about his lauded trajectory so far which includes bagging up the Belgian Young Designer Award of 2007, the Henry van de Velde Awards for young talent in 2013 and countless commercial projetcs for everyone from Nilufar and Fendi to Casamania. Your chance to delve into the mind of one of the scene’s more unconventional spirits. file View the event on Flagey's website

Jozef Van Wissem on Thursday 19th September at Palace, Brussels

With the aim of elevating the art of cinema to new grounds, introducing it to an audience in search of a decidedly more qualitative audio experience, Brussels’ arthouse cinema Palace inaugurates its Art Nouveau jewel of an entrance hall with a new, monthly series of events titled Deep Listening. For its first instalment, award-winning baroque lutenist and avant-garde composer Jozef Van Wissem, known for his work with Jim Jarmusch, performs his signature blend of dark and minimal drones with ambient undertones. file View the event on Facebook

Alex Koo on Friday 20th September at Flagey, Brussels

A jazz double-bill at Flagey with, for starters, Belgo-Japanese jazz pianist Alex Koo presenting his newly-formed Belgian trio - consisting of Dré Pallemaerts, Lennart Heyndel and himself – performing a new repertoire of compositions created especially for the trio, with trumpeter Jean-Paul Estiévenart dropping in for good measure. Following that up is Belgian jazz guitarist Jeanfrancois Prins and his signature Brazilian influences with legendary Placebo percussionist Bruno Castelluci on drumming duty. One for the committed jazz heads. file View the event on Flagey's website

Opening Susana Pilar – Body Present on Friday 20th September at Kiosk, Ghent

Ghent gallery space Kiosk opens the new season with Body Present, a solo show by Cuban artist Susana Pilar that presents a new performance that links our country’s colonial history to her own childhood, the particular demographics of her homeland, and her Afro-Cuban descent from slaves from Sierra Leone and Congo. The piece is presented alongside a series of photographs, videos and drawings, all of which are based in performance and present the assertive, black female body. Through her arresting body of work, Pilar focuses on social and historical issues of gender and race by taking her own personal experiences and family history and relating them to contemporary concerns such as migration and violence against women, with her own body often taking central place in her practice. Essential viewing. file View the event on Facebook

Frederik Croene on Friday 20th September at Het Predikheren, Mechelen

On Cul De Sac, his drawn-out four-tracker recently released on Cortizona (the label that brought us the spell-binding Jean Hoyoux reissue), Belgian pianist Frederik Croene stretches the possibilities of his piano to the extreme, contrasting melancholic and quieting melodies with sharp dissonances and rhythm shifts. His performance in Mechelen promises to be a minimalism-meets-maximalism affair. file View the event on Facebook

Angel-Ho, Nyokō Bokbaë and more on Friday 20th September at Vooruit, Ghent

Vooruit kicks off its 2019-2020 season with the mother of all line-ups in partnership with Bebe Books, the DOK resident that initially started as an independent publishing house and has since grown into a full blown and self-described “divine queer place,” organising concerts, exhibitions, performances and much more. For this first night, South African pop-diva and NON co-founder Angel-Ho - fresh from the release of her debut album Death Becomes Her on Hyperdub earlier this year - takes to the stage for what promises to be a no-holds-barred performance. Next in line is the eclectically explosive French trio Nyokō Bokbaë’s blend of Nigerian afrobeat, American pop and British broken beat whilst Dj Bowa, Kim Berly and Soumaya Phéline are all on support duties for what is guaranteed to be a night heavy on emotional basslines. file View the event on Facebook

Clubexperiment 1 – unighted on Friday 20th September at Campus Sint-Pieter, Leuven

Can inclusivity rise beyond mere marketing mechanics and prove to be a real force for change? To what extent can the night once again be the stage for activism? How can we continue making of the night a place where all revel in the comfort of their own choices? These questions form the basis for this two-day mini-fest that pairs a plethora of prime players in Leuven’s soon-to-be-demolished Sint-Pieters hospital. Talks, exhibitions and dancefloor madness all on the program. file View the event on Facebook

Bahamadia & DJ Eclipse on Saturday 21st September at See U, Brussels

Pioneering Philadelphia MC Bahamadia paved the way for a great many women wordsmith before her under the patronage of Gangstarr’s Guru, who released her first single back in 1993. Eloquent and eclectic, she developed a reputation for herself as an MC that rapped her mind out with uncanny wit and unquestionable skill, a fact that’ll be on display at this night hosted by the tireless crew Da BlueFunk District. Legendary DJ and Non Phixion founding member DJ Eclipse steps up too. One for the real heads. file View the event on Facebook

50 years of Music Mania on Saturday 21st September at Bar Bricolage, Ghent

Celebrating 50 years of slinging records, Ghent’s famed record store Music Mania marks the occasion with a day into the night shindig of epic proportions including 2ManyDJs (yes them), Nosedrip (whose Stroom imprint was launched with the support of Music Mania back in the day), a custom-made sound system (of course), a dub stage (including Danman, Dreadical Warriors and Forward Fever) as well as a host of live sets. One guaranteed to go down in history, and aptly so. file View the event on Facebook

Klapmosfeer 2019 on Saturday 21st September at Klapmosfeer, Kortenberg

Marking the end of the summer season, the leafy commune of Kortenberg hosts the fourth edition of Klapmosphere, an electronic musical festival that’ll see The Word Radio resident African Diplomat, Crevette Records’ Alfred Anders, Le Motel, Bjeor, Miss Angel, Susobrino, Pippin and many more tke to the stage. file View the event on Facebook

Car Free Love Day on Sunday 22nd September at Beursschouwburg, Brussels

The Love Brunch with DJ Pannekoek, a performance (Memoirs of a unicorn) by Marjani Forté-Saunders, a bike repair shop by Cyclo Bxl (it is, after all, car-free Sunday), an exhibition by Luis Lázaro Martos, a looped screening as well as a mid-afternoon rooftop party with DJ Swagger, Cherry B and Pippin (live). Beursschouwburg does it again. file View the event on Facebook

Designing the Night until 29th September at ADAM, Brussels

ADAM’s comprehensive exhibition dedicated to the visual identity of Belgian nightlife through the decades, Design the Night harnesses the oft-forgotten but no less instrumental branding genius of clubs in positioning the country’s clubs internationally. Drawing on flyer and poster designs from such iconic local nightlife staples as Mirano, Fuse, Plan K, Boccaccio, La Roca, Carré and countless others, the show pays tribute to the unique graphic styles that ensured dancefloor-ready crowds turned up, powered the night forward. With just 10 days to go before closing, make sure to catch this essential exhibition. file View the event on ADAM's website

Jan Kempenaers - Colonial Monuments in Belgium until 13th October at Mu.ZEE, Ostende

Belgian photographer Jan Kempenaers – maybe best known for his Spomenik series documenting long-lost communist monuments in Yugoslavia – focuses his lenses closer to home this time, honing in on the shockingly prevalent presence of monuments erected in honour of King Leopold II’s Congo Free State. Through a revealing series of 40-strong images, Kempenaers goes beyond mere documentary intentions, using each photograph to question these monuments’ legitimacy, what they say about the country’s past colonial transgressions (to put it mildly) and whether these still belong in the public space. Juxtaposing some of his photographs with other pictures from his Spomenik series or other artworks from Mu.Zee’s collection, the exhibition makes for powerful, if somewhat uneasy, viewing. Essential. file View the event on Mu.Zee's website

Palais de Justice – Carey Young until 19th October at La Loge, Brussels

Palais de Justice (2017), Carey Young’s critically-acclaimed video installation, was filmed covertly at the Palais de Justice in Brussels. Contradicting the familiar patriarchal culture of law, Young's camera depicts female judges and lawyers at court. Sitting at trial and delivering judgments, female judges were filmed through a series of circular windows in courtroom doors, without the knowledge or permission of anyone depicted. Young subtly builds a counter-narrative: a legal system seemingly centred on, and perhaps controlled by women, as if male presence may be optional or unnecessary in this particular future. This ambitious piece develops and extends the body of law-related artwork which Carey Young has created for more than seventeen years into timely concerns with gender, power and the cinematic. file View the event on Facebook

Lost & Found North-7 Expedition until 20th January at Muhka, Antwerp

Founded in 2013 by students from St. Petersburg’s School for Young Artists, North-7 is an artists’ collective that engages with themes such as identity and politics, experimenting with a wide range of media in which performances play a central role. For its intervention at Muhka, the collective have created a museum in the form of a classical temple which contains a comprehensive archive of all their artistic projects and activities to date. file View the event on Muhka's website