Agenda Thursday 20th June

Refugees for Refugees on Thursday 20th June at Flagey, Brussels

Afghani, Iraki, Pakistani, Tibetan and Syrian musicians, recent arrivals to Belgium, come together under the direction of Tristan Driessens for a night of melting pot musical genius.
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De Bons en Pierre, Laura Palmer & Gouren on Thursday 20th June at Brasserie Atlas, Brussels

With the recent release under their De Bons en Pierre moniker of two new EPs on Dark Entries Records, Chicago’s Beau Wanzer and Brussels’ Maoupa Mazzocchetti perform their blend of dancefloor-tested, sludged-out and contorted rhythms live at Brussels’ Brasserie Atlas. Brussels-based producer Laura Palmer will also be performing live, for an evening that figures high on our to-do lists. file View the event on Facebook

Achrome on Thursday 20th June at Irène Laub Gallery, Brussels

A group show whose overriding intention is to delve into the works of artists who’ve made the absence of colour the very essence of their artistic practices. Includes works by Lucile Bertrand, Gauthier Hubert and Tatiana Wolska. file View the event on Facebook

I am so Multiple in Nights on Friday 21st June at SB34 – The Pool, Brussels

Drawing on the works of one of the few women associated with the Dada movement – Emmy Hennings, whose words form the basis of the exhibition’s title – this group show takes as starting point the multiple facets of the self, the necessary ways in which we attempt to conceal it and the revelations that emanate from embracing it fully With works by Mehraneh Atashi, Allen Jones and Sophie Varin. file View the event on Facebook

The art of equity / The equity of art on Friday 21st June at WIELS, Brussels

A lecture by philosopher, legal theorist and scholar Luke Mason, given in the context of the presentation of Vermeir & Heiremans’ book “A Modest Proposal” which looks into the financialising and monetising of art collections and whether this could ever benefit the artists and workers at the root of it all. file View the event on Facebook

Blu Samu x Festival Kanal on Friday 21st June at Kanal – Centre Pompidou, Brussels

Brussels-based rapper Blu Samu opens the proceedings for Kanal-Centre Pompidou’s closing festival. file View the event on Facebook

Chanoirs on Friday 21st June at Café Central, Brussels

Chanoirs crew rolling deep with a family affair shindig including Maux, Lofi Luxure (Live) and main man Nobuo. file View the event on Facebook

AKA This Thing in Aalst on Friday 21st June at Netwerk, Aalst

A group exhibition showcasing the works of visual arts Master students at Luca Ghent. Your chance to see the promising lights of tomorrow. file View the event on Facebook

Biennale van België on Saturday 22nd June at Floraliënhal, Ghent

Billed as a festival of Belgian contemporary Art, Biennale van België brings together seven collectives and over 100 artists across 6000m2 of art and installation. Curatorial duties have been handed over to local collectives such as 019, Social Harmony, In De Ruimte and Diesel Project Space to name but a few, with some of the country’s most interesting musical acts set to also perform each day. One not to miss. file View the event on Facebook

Moskou Afterparty on Saturday 22nd June at Toestand, Brussels

A mini-festival of sorts held to celebrate the shortest night of the year, with Radio Moskou (who’ll be hosting the second edition of its festival this weekend too), Kraak and Toestand joining forces and putting on one hell of a line-up, including Vica Pacheco, Polonius, Martin Benavides, Dani Cosmic and Mika Mayonnaise. Tip. file View the event on Facebook

Johann Kauth – Kobold on Saturday 22nd June at Forbidden City, Antwerp

Forbidden City hosts an exhibition with the works of Johann Kauth, with Snoid and Bolero on selector duties during the opening. file View the event on Facebook

Vaast Colson – Exploring Nooks and Crannies on Saturday 22nd June at Plus One, Antwerp

Plus One dedicates its summer exhibition to the works of beloved Antwero artist Vaast Colson, a show presented in three instalments. file [View the event on Facebook

Elias Cafmeyer – Parkings until 30th June at Extra City, Antwerp

In the context of its on-going series of exhibitions titled “The choice of”, which give the possibility to some of Antwerp’s more established artists to invite a promising artist of their choice, Ria Pacquée selects Sint-Lucas graduate Elias Cafmeyer whose body of work takes as inspiration public spaces to construct fascinating and, at times, alien-like installations. Perfect for Extra City’s sprawling space. file View on Extra City's website

Marie Rosen – Noumènes until 13th July at Rossi Contemporary, Brussels

Brussels-based painter Marie Rosen shows a new series of customary enigmatic, surreal and at times fragile works that oscillate between new naiveté and art history. file View on Rossi Contemporary's website

Jean Katambayi Mukendi until 14th July at Etablissement d’En Face, Brussels

Aside from being an artist, Lubumbashi born and based artist Jean Katambayi Mukendi is also enthralled by technology, mechanics, geometry and electricity. His body of work combines influences from daily life with experiences gained from his training as an electrician to create fragile and complex installations driven by sophisticated electrical mechanisms in his continuous quest to solve the social ills that besiege Congolese society. file View the event on Facebook