Agenda Thursday 23rd May 2019

Floris Vanhoof on Thursday 23rd May at Zwarte Zaal, Ghent

Antwerp-based artist and musician Floris Vanhoof, known for his ethereal compositions made of homemade musical circuits, celebrates the release of his latest album Fluid Computer, on Kraak with an exhibition at Kask’s Zwarte Zaal in Ghent. The exhibition revolves around three installations, on show until 2nd June, with the opening night featuring a live performance by pioneering American composer, writer and visual artist Alvin Lucier as well as by Vanhoof himself.


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Liquid Violence on Thursday 23rd May at Nine One, Brussels

Centred around an arresting and thought-provoking multi-screen installation, Liquid Violence draws upon three recent and widely-covered cases that saw a refugee boat abandoned at sea during the military invasion in Lybia as well as the decision by Italy and the EU to cut back search and rescue activities at sea. Spearheaded by Forensic Oceanography, a research body that explores the spatial conditions of the Mediterranean as a border zone, policies of non-assistance at sea, and their consequences for the lives of migrants, the installation questions what, exactly, should be monitored, hoping to raise increased awareness to the plight of the desperate and downtrodden. Part of the Kunstefestivaldesarts, the installation is on show until 1st June and makes for essential viewing.


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Beyond The Spoken invites Sídhe from Thursday 23rd to Saturday 25th May at Menas, Maria-Aalter

Held in the context of Vooruit’s 10-day Amen & Beyond themed program of events, Beyond Care is a three-day retreat in Menas which seeks to encourage looking at your own caregiving from a fresh perspective. Hosted by sídhe - a platform for ritual, retreat, rewilding and re-writing – the time-out offers the chance to be guided by caregivers of all walks of life (coaches, healers, researches) in a bid to set you off on a journey of art, well-being and ritual.


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Ingri Midgard Fiksdal - Shadows of Tomorrow on Thursday 23rd May at Le Lac, Brussels

Taking as starting point the abstract lyricism, unconventional references and layered, sample-based production techniques of experimental hip hop, Norwegian artist Ingri Midgard Fiksdal presents Shadows of Tomorrow – the title of a Madlib and MF Doom track - a 20-strong silent dance performance held as part of Kunstenfestivaldesarts and which guarantees to challenge any preconceived notions of the role of circulation of movement and the transfer of its perception between performers and the audience.
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Oswaldovi, Mia Vita Violenta, 2O Guilders & Everest Magma on Thursday 23rd May at Barlok, Brussels

Japanese acid folk duo 20 Guilders headline a night of experimental, noise and post-rock with Mia Vita Violenta and Everest Magma on support. Barlok at its best. file View the event on Facebook

L'oiseau Bleu Invite OVM Records on Friday 24th May at Bel 20, Brussels

Brussels-based collectives L’Oiseau Bleu and 2F4F invite On Va Mourir for a night of hard-hitting techno and electro with six live performances (one of which, VF089, recently played live on The Word Radio). Not for the faint of heart. file View the event on Facebook

Race, Power & Culture on Thursday 23rd May and Friday 24th May at Bozar, Brussels

A three-day symposium which aims to deconstruct othering practices in cultural institutions across Austria, Belgium and Germany through a series of keynotes, panels and performances. “Cultural Institutions as a Matter of Contention” will be the subject of Thursday’s keynote, whilst Friday will have as a theme “Afro-what? Whiteness and the categorisation of the ‘other’”. file View the event on Facebook

Jorge Diezma on Friday 24th May at Deborah Bowmann, Brussels

A solo show, curated by Mario Canal, of Spanish hyper-realist painter Jorge Diezma. The exhibition runs until 6th July. file View the event on Facebook

Bobby Would & Christophe Clébard on Friday 24th May at Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels

Grimy garage-surf rock from the UK’s Bobby Would, with Christophe Clébard, the formerly Brussels-based producer, on support duties with his fun-loving blend of doom disco underlined by heavy punk inclinations. file View the event on ateliers claus's website

Bledarte x Kunstenfestivaldesarts on Friday 24th May at Recyclart, Brussels

Bledarte return to the scene with a night of live performances and DJ sets featuring Reinel Bakole, Kunta, Lio Brown and Bledarte’s own DJ posse. file View the event on Facebook

Faustin Linyekula – Congo from Friday 24th to Tuesday 28th at KVS, Brussels

Following his widely-covered performance Banataba in the shadow of the Africa Museum in Tervuren last year, Faustin Linyekula turns the spotlight on the genesis of the Congo. For the occasion, the renowned choreographer teams up with Eric Vuillard, the French author of the acclaimed book Congo (2012) on the emergence of the Congolese state. Five nights, essential. file View the event on Facebook

SNOBS on Friday 24th May at Het Bos, Antwerp

Curated by Julien Neirynck and The Word Radio resident DJ Flapy, SNOBS promises live acts, performances and DJ sets by Vieze Meisje, Brik Tuk Tok, Sergeant, Ohne Francis, DJ Charme, Ayrton Eblé and Flapy himself.
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Meteor Muzik and EON on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th May at Planetarium, Brussels

Limburg-based synth-trio Meteor Muzik return to Brussels’ Planetarium to present their latest project EON which charts the final moments of a cosmonaut. Performed in collaboration with animation virtuoso Jaak De Digitale, the night is billed as part extra-terrestrial 360 degree show, part cosmic trip file View the event on stuk's website

D.A.T.E party 2019 on Friday 24th May at Onder Stroom, Antwerp

D.A.T.E – which stands for “Discover Antwerp Through Experience” and aims to showcase the broader strokes of the city’s creative scene to the wider world – celebrates its fifth edition with a party at Onder Stroom that’ll feature a live performance by Corrupted as well as DJ sets by Bibiseck, Matidrome and Tomas Redray. file View the event on Facebook

Knust Festival from Thursday 23rd to Sunday 26th May at 19 Quai du Hainaut, Brussels

A month-long presentation focusing on performance art, with four themed weekends anchoring the concept around specific subject matters. For the first weekend, around the theme of Fire, dance, performances, theatre, music, circus and exhibitions all come together. file View the event on Facebook

Or Bareket & The Brother Moves on Saturday 25th May at Flagey, Brussels

Part of the Brussels Jazz Weekend, Flagey opens its doors to bass player Or Bareket, one of the driving forces behind New York’s jazz renaissance, as well as to South African astro-afro free jazz outfit The Brother Moves. Free, open to all. file View the event on Flagey's website

Amenra, Beyond The Spoken & Toni Kanwa Adikusumah on Saturday 25th May at Citadelpark, Ghent

Amenra and Beyond the Spoken join forces with a burning ritual for all the unacknowledged loss of Ghent’s citizens. Pairing up with Indonesian artist Toni Kanwa Adikusumah, whose dedicated his practice to connecting the contemporary art world with the rituals of the Sunda, a tradition that sees sculpture as a carrier of strength. For the occasion, Adikusumah will create a site-specific body of work drawing upon the very local grievances of the city’s inhabitants. Communal healing. file View the event on vooruit's website

Politics of Pleasure II on Saturday 25th May at Beurschouwburg

On the eve of Sunday’s election marathon, Mama’s Open Mic, Bledarte, Recognition and Black speaks Back come together for a night of screenings (Bravado Magenta, a performative documentary which critically analyzes racialized masculinities through self-cartography and storytelling), live performances and DJ sets by the likes of IllSyl and Liège’s Mimi. file View the event on Facebook

UVB76 BXL release party on Saturday 25th May at Brasserie Atlas

To mark the release of their latest album SĀN on Teenage Menopause, UVB76 take Brasseries Atlas over for a night of live concerts including Radiant Pourpre, Sacred Lodge and UVB76 themselves. file View the event on Facebook

Scuba, ATEQ, Zaliva-D (live), Knekelhuis & Victor De Roo on Saturday 25th May at C12, Brussels

Live performances by Serena Butler and Zaliva-D, with Scuba, Ateq, Kafim, Mark Knekelhuis and Victor De Roo on DJ duties. Hold tight. file View the event on Facebook

Chambres until 29th June at Island, Brussels

Curated by Michel Francois, Chambres presents the collaborative work of Charlotte vander Borght and Carlotta Bailly-Borg who, for the occasion, have created a canework floor that allows the visitor to walk over what is described as the darkest of depths, challenging the viewer’s perception of space. Collapsed earthenware pots, airport recliners, dentist chairs and even the ubiquitous therapist couch create an unimaginable mental landscape, with the floor as centrepiece. file View the event on islandisland's website

Paul McCarthy until 25th May at Xavier Hufkens, Brussels

Last days to see Xavier Hufkens’ phantasmagorical solo show of American prankster-artist Paul McCarthy file View the event on xavier hufkens's website

The Act of Building until 2nd June at Civa, Brussels

Shining a light on the architectural practice of BC Architects and BC Studies, The Act of Building draws upon tools, construction samples, films and images to suggest four processes that result in four distinct architectural bodies of work. Certain of the prototypes and samples showcased during the exhibition emanate from a workshop dedicated to building techniques that employ earth and for which 30 students and 18 specialists took part, with the end-game of developing the new architectural infrastructures of tomorrow. file View the event on civa's website

José Montealegre until 7th July at Convent, Ghent

Frankfurt-based, Honduras-born artist José Montealegre - known for his small-scale sculptural work - creates fictional worlds inspired by his interest in archaeology, postcolonial theory, philosophy and science fiction. For this first solo show in Belgium, the artist presents a series of new sculptures presented as a large-scale installation. file View the event on convent art space's website

Sophie Whettnall and Etel Adnan until 4th August at La Centrale, Brussels

Brussels-based artist Sophie Whettnall, the winner in 1999 of the Young Belgian Painter Prize, invites Etel Adnan to exhibit alongside her own work. In the show, which astutely balances both artists’ singular artistic practices, a dialogue of sorts is established between each body of work, showcasing a shared, intimate and personal vision of the landscape, the light and its transparency. A subtle and intimate journey, with two singular artistic expressions bouncing off each other to perfection.
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