Agenda Thursday 27th June

Synthômas, Domenique Dumont & Roméo Poirier on Thursday 27th June at Brass, Brussels

Brussels-based musicians Lieven Dousselaere and Marc Melià, the later a former resident of The Word Radio, present a new collaborative project, Synthômas, billed as a more melodic and bass-driven expression of their solo works. Next up on the line-up are French producer duo Domenique Dumont, with two Antinote releases under their belt, who’ll be performing their signature blend of loosely-fitting electronics Rounding it all off, The Word Radio resident Roméo Poirier will be immersing the audience in his now customary notes of exploratory soundscapes.
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Virgil Vernier & James Ferraro on Thursday 27th June at Bozar, Brussels

In the context of the Brussels International Film Festival, Bozar presents two specials, the first one a screening of French filmmaker Virgil Vernier’s 2014 fiction picture Mercuriales and the second a live performance by American artist James Ferraro, whose music explores the illusions and nightmares of the post-modern world. file View the event on Facebook

10 years of Garage Pirate on Thursday 27th June at Recyclart, Brussels

Recyclart pays tribute to the photography collective Oiseaux Sans Tête, marking its 10 year anniversary this year, with an exhibition which points towards the group’s offbeat approach to studio works. To mark the occasion, The Word Radio residents Alex Deforce and Victor De Roo, who recently released on Knekelhuis, will be performing live for the very first time, with Le Renard and firm favourite Christophe Clébard also taking to the stage. Essential. file View the event on Facebook

Deep in House x Festival Kanal on Thursday 27th June at Kanal Centre Pompidou, Brussels

Doing its part for the Festival Kanal, the 10-day affair which brings to a close Kanal Centre-Pompidou’s first phase before its substantial renovation works, Deep in House throws an open air shindig with Paris’ Epsilove playing live and our very own Nobuo and Offshore § going back to back file View the event on Facebook

Walter Verdin – Videorhytmics on Friday 28th June at Openbaar Entrepot voor de Kunsten, Leuven

Musician, video artist, graphic designer and all-round Belgian pioneer Walter Verdin, whose compositions for the theatre production Voor Adeline was released by Belgian imprint Stroom back in 2018, brings his iconic 1984 show Videorhythmics back to the stage with the cream of the crop of Belgium's finest musicians, who were already by his side in 1984. Only two shows live at OPEK (Leuven), on Friday 28th June and Saturday 29th June.
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International Fanzine Festival on Friday 28th June at La Petite Fanzinothèque Belge, Brussels

In its 10th year running, the International Fanzine Festival celebrates fanzine culture in all its glory, with this year’s edition seeing a solo exhibition of Belgian cartoonist Jean Bourguignon’s indelible work, a series of screenings, a micro-publishing fair as well as more than enough DJ sets and concerts to see you through the weekend. Make sure not to miss Brussels-based collective L’Oiseau Bleu’s curated night of live performances with TZII, Officine, Perchten Silla, Criminal Officium, BBRU Be Be Le Château and Vincent Ce Soir. file View the event on Facebook

C’est beau, c’est loin on Friday 28th June, Brussels

End-of-year group show of l’ERG’s Master students, with a range of artistic practices and narratives showcased. file View the event on Facebook

Deviate on Friday 28th June at La Vallée, Brussels

Deviate continue with the hard and heavy with the mother of all line-ups at La Vallée, including Kris Baha’s drowsy and dystopian industrial and EBM variations, Red Light Radio resident Job Sifre, Techno Thriller - who released their second album, Enfant de Sodome, on Unknown Precept earlier this year and which is co-headed by The Word Radio resident Leo Campbell -, Morgane Metal and False Identity. Not for the faint of heart, but absolutely not to miss.
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Aux88, Terrence Dixon, Different Fountains and more on Friday 28th June at C12, Brussels

Brussels-based club heroes C12 ensure the night people are well taking care of his with this beauty of a line up including Detroit electro legends Aux88 performing live alongside Terrence Dixon and our very own Different Fountains, with PLO Man as well as Basic Moves’ Walrus and Crevette Records’ Jakob on deck duties. Pull up. file View the event on Facebook

Culte x Festival Kanal on Friday 29th June at Kanal Centre Pompidou, Brussels

Brussels-based booking agency Culte take over Kanal for a family affair of sorts, with three enigmatic live performances – Tucuxi, the collaborative project of The Word Radio studio manager Mika Oki and BFDM-affiliated producer Basses Terres, Anniversary, the rarefied collaborative project of long-time partners in crime Hiele and Milan W. as well as Sky H1’s light and music show with Gosse de Kort and Nieke Koek – and Sagat touching base in between it all on the decks. Come through, this is your chance to see some of the country’s most interesting musicians perform live. file View the event on Facebook

The Word Radio x Festival Kanal on Saturday 29th June at Kanal Centre Pompidou, Brussels

In the context of its Kanal Fabrik series, which sees Kanal Centre Pompidou task local contemporary art institutions with suggesting an artist or collective to develop a brand new project in situ, The Word Radio will be streaming live from its awe-inspiring space on Saturday 29th June with both DJ sets (Marouchka, Louis Vogue and Crevette Records head honcho Alfred Anders) and a live performance by Brussels-based producer Weird Dust. Entrance is 5 euros, and includes access to all exhibitions. Come say hi. file View the event on Facebook

Out Loud closing night on Saturday 29th June at Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Beursschouwburg brings its Out Loud festival to a close with Koln-based Norwegian DJ and producer Charlotte Bendiks’ signature minimalism and Brussels-based producer Laura Palmer’s trippy-infused faux punk. The Word Radio resident Jonas Mergan on deck duties, with playlist gems courtesy of lovely Psst Mlle. file View the event on Facebook

Vincen Beeckman from 30th June at Riot, Ghent

Brussels-based photographer and core member of Recyclart Vincen Beeckman shows three singular projects at Ghent’s Riot gallery space. The first one, titled Claude & Lilly, documents the 23-year long romance of this everyday couple with the artist’s customary soft-spoken and inquisitive eye. The second one, Carlos, depicts the at times aggressive, and others passionate life of what the artist describes as an errant man, a project that required more distance from the subject than Beeckman usually was accustomed to. The third project, Cracks, saw Beeckman hand over disposable cameras to homeless people around Brussels’ Central Station, asking them to capture their everyday. A poignant and people-driven body of work.
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Schöne Sentimenten from 30th June until 29th September at Museum Dhont-Dhaenens, Deurle

With Schöne Sentimenten, its summer exhibiton, the museum Dhondt-Dhaenens exploits the potential of its collection, with core works from the museum’s own archive put into context with works from private collections with the aim of putting forward an imaginary collection presentation. Real works of art are combined with reproductions so as to emphasise the importance, capacity and possibilities of the displayed collections. Includes workds by Michaël Borremans, Raoul De Keyser, James Ensor, Michel François, Martin Kippenberger, Bruce Nauman and many others. file` View the event on Facebook

Connor McNicholas and Jan Groover until 13th July at Super Dakota, Brussels

For his second solo exhibition in Brussels entitled Shape of Time, American artist Connor McNicholas presents a range of works from his interdisciplinary art practice, encompassed by sculptures, drawings, sound and installation. A second exhibition, Through the Looking Glass, presents a selection of late works by Jan Groover. file View on Super Dakota's Website

Jef Geys – The Tour de France 1969 until 1st September at Bozar, Brussels

In the context of the Tour de France’s history-making Brussels debut on 14 July, Bozar will be showing a series of photographs Jef Geys made of the first Tour de France that legendary Belgian cyclist Eddy Merckx was to win back in 1969. Illustrating to perfection Geys’ ability to picture both the highs and lows, the win was all the more historic given that, on the same day, Neil Armstrong took his first steps on the moon. file View on Bozar's Website


Brussels-based painter Marie Rosen shows a new series of customary enigmatic, surreal and at times fragile works that oscillate between new naiveté and art history. file View on Rossi Contemporary's Website


Part of the new wave of painters that has emerged from India, Karishma D’Souza’s work weaves together memories of places, with her practice anchored in the environment in which she was brought up in, transporting the viewer on a tranquil voyage through the artist’s Mumbai. Don’t be fooled though, her work belies political and contextual relevance which, despite the inherent lyricism and poetry prevalent throughout her body of work, manages to piece together a social commentary of sorts on contemporary Indian society. file View on Baronian Xippas's Website


Aside from being an artist, Lubumbashi born and based artist Jean Katambayi Mukendi is also enthralled by technology, mechanics, geometry and electricity. His body of work combines influences from daily life with experiences gained from his training as an electrician to create fragile and complex installations driven by sophisticated electrical mechanisms in his continuous quest to solve the social ills that besiege Congolese society. file View on Etablissement d'en face's Website


At times organic, at others virtual, the work of KASK graduate Lisa Vlaemminck can be confounding to say the least, her artistic expression often leaving the viewer unsure of what it is that is being shown. Is it a life-like glow, or a nuclear-infused radiation? Is it a dream or a nightmare? Free-flowing substance or consolidated form? Or is it all of the above? Yours for the taking. file View on Rodolphe Janssen's Website