Agenda Thursday 3rd October

He4rtbroken present Oli XL, Ana Caprix & Daniel Swan on Thursday 3rd October at Bozar, Brussels

Brussels’ He4rtbroken crew get the weekend’s Nuits Sonores proceedings off to an auspicious start, challenging the local nightlife scene’s status quo and driving it to new heights with a night that threads a fine line between club culture and future-minded visual art. Part one sees producer Anne Caprix and visual artist Daniel Swan present an audio-visual experience that takes as starting point the adventures of a lone protagonist drawn to a mysterious landscape whilst part two see Stockholm’s Oli XL premier the augmented A/V version of his “Rogue Intruder, Soul Enhancer” debut album released to critical acclaim this past summer. file View the event on Facebook

Nocturne SMAK invites Felix Kindermann with “Choir Piece” on Thursday 3rd October at SMAK, Ghent

Marking the museum staying opening until 9pm, sculptural artist Felix Kindermann will present his most recent work, Choir Piece, performed by no less than sixteen singers from the Ghent Singers choir in the somewhat deconstructed remnants of SMAK’s recent “Highlights for a Future, The Collection” exhibition. file View the event on Facebook

Opening Marcel Broodthaers “Soleil Politique” on Thursday 3rd October at MUHKA, Antwerp

Presenting the first retrospective of the celebrated and beloved Belgian artist Marcel Broodthaers in his own country for over a decade, Muhka’s Le Soleil Politique focuses on the artist’s oeuvre from an Antwerp perspective, providing a comprehensive overview of the breadth of themes, media and presentation strategies Broodthaers was known to engage with and demonstrating the artist’s long-held belief that art is always political. Rarely exhibited works and documents, as well as the first time ever showing of “Decor: A conquest by Marcel Broodthaers,” will form the nexus of this exhibition which makes a fine job of showcasing the many facets of this fascinating artistic force. Essential. file View the event on Facebook

Caterina Barbieri and Milan W. & Tulnic Ensemble on Thursday 3rd October at STUK, Leuven

Berlin-based, Italian modular synth prodigy and composer Caterina Barbieri marks her Belgian debut with this performance at Leuven’s Stuk where she’ll be presenting her new album Ecstatic Computation. Marking another debut - this time a world premier no less - is Antwerp electronic producer Milan W. partnering up with a five-piece Roman tunic ensemble following a residency of sorts in the Transylvanian mountains where he experimented with the tulnic, a three-meter long wind instrument. A night that sees Stuk continues in its quest to stretch the definition of experimental electronic music. file View the event on Facebook

Mette Ingvarsten – Moving in Concert until Saturday 5th October at Kaaitheater, Brussels

Danish dancer, choreographer and performance artist Mette Ingvartsen creates a universe in which people, technology and organic matter coexist to create an abstract set of movements. Inspired by how bodies are sensorially affected by the digital, the performance explores the poetics of plasticity, abstraction and imagination. Through light, shadow and reflection, nine dancers open an enchanting landscape that you can enter as a viewer. A world premier not to be missed. file View the event on Facebook

European Lab Brussels 2019 from Thursday 3rd to Saturday 5th October at Bozar, Brussels

Under the “Time to act” heading, European Lab comes back to Brussels for its third edition with a series of conferences, debates and documentary screenings intended to make sense of the current political, economical and social upheavals besetting the world. Top picks include the screening of Boiler Room’s Palestine Underground, a workshop on how build one’s own propaganda machine as well as a debate touching upon the idea of African art as philosophy. file View the event on Facebook

Basic Moves invites ex-terrestrial on Friday 4th October at amigo amigo, Ghent

Montreal-based producer and DJ Ex-terrestrial treats local crowds to a once in a lifetime set at Ghent’s amigo amigo, with Kontakt’s Victor De Roo as well as Walrus and islas on support duties in what is the first outer Brussels outing for the ever greater Basic Moves bunch. file View the event on Facebook

Nora Gubish and Alain Altinoglu - Recital on Friday 4th October at La Monnaie, Brussels

One of the most in-demand French mezzo-soprano, Nora Gubish, teams up with one of the most celebrated conductor of his time, Alain Altinoglu, to dive back in their common love affair with the lied, opening La Monnaie’s series on recitals. One hour and a half of vocal mastery interpreted by a musical couple of rare intensity. file View the event on Facebook

Nuits Sonores, Extra! presents Damien Petitot and Roméo Poirier on Friday 4th October at Bidules, Brussels

Running parallel to the Nuits Sonores festival taking place throughout the weekend, beloved eyewear purveyors Bidules hosts a special night of sorts with Brussels-based French artist Damien Petitot presenting Signal, his latest audio-visual project that draws heavily on the power of accidents, mistakes and mishaps to create near mystical soundscapes. Also on the bill, Brussels-based musician and The Word Radio resident Roméo Poirier joins forces with trumpeter Octave Moritz for a first-time, exclusive live set. One for the calendar. file View the event on Facebook

Club Cabane invites Tama Sumo on Friday 4th October at La Cabane, Brussels

Berghain/Panoram bar resident Tama Sumo comes to town for an intimate club night at Brussels’ Club Cabane, with We Play House head honcho Red D on support duties. file View the event on Facebook

Nacht Van de Verbeelding on Friday 4th October at Citadelpark, Ghent

A two-day, city-wide festival encompassing live concerts, installations, choreographies and more, Ghent’s Night of the Imagination sees seven key locations – MSK Ghent, S.M.A.K and the Botanical Gardens to name a few – play host to everything from slam philosophy to techno flamenco. file View the event on Facebook

Loosers not quitters with Monger, Mogi, Victor de Roo & more on Saturday 5th October at In de Ruimte, Ghent

Club night with heavy hitters Monger, Mogi, Victor de Roo, McBain and more. file View the event on Facebook

The Loop x Nuit Blanche on Saturday 5th October in various locations across Brussels

A trajectory through three of Brussels' most striking venues - Kanal, LaVallée and Tour & Taxis -, The Loop is a city-wide night drawing on the pulling power of some of Brussels' most defining collectives that have all concocted line-ups befitting the occasion. As such, booking agency Culte descends upon Tour & Taxis' newly-minted Be-Here venue with Le Motel, DTM Funk, Mika Oki and Zeta Lys, promoter Under My Garage enlists the talents of Ambient Baby, Lawrence LeDoux (live) and Rey Colino at LaVallée whilst Kanal takes in DJ AZF, December, Lotic and Cabaret Nocturne for endless supplies of dancefloor delights. Don't sleep. file View the event on Facebook

Nonlocal Research and Delta Wave presents Quanta Qualia, Vica Pacheco, Orphan Drift and more on Saturday 5th October at Het Bos, Antwerp

Antwerp’s Het Bos hosts a night presented by Delta~Wave and Nonlocal Research with Quanta Qualia (the collaborative project of Tomàs Dittborn and Siet Raeymaekers that incorporates music, body gestures and visual art), Vica Pacheco (think an audio-visual concerts distilled with airy electronic layers and fragile shapes), the video projections, installations, text and site-specific work of Orphan Drift as well a concert by French musician Accou and DJ sets by Loto Retina and Rev.23. file View the event on Facebook

Daymé Arocena on Saturday 5th October at Flagey, Brussels

Rising Cuban vocalist Daymé Arocena takes to Flagey’s stage with her singular mix of jazz, soul and classical influences infused with the signature rhythms of her native country. Her critically acclaimed 2017 album Cubafonìa was released in 2017 by Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood Recordings, which gives you a pretty good idea of the vibes in store. file View the event on Facebook

Reopening of Argos with CAMP exhibition: beginnings on Saturday 5th October at Argos Center for Art and Media, Brussels

ARGOS ushers in its new season with Beginnings, an exhibition that traces some of the conceptual and artistic origins of CAMP, a Mumbai-based studio for trans- disciplinary media practices. Running until 22nd December, the exhibition revisits a number of formative artworks dating from the period, 2001-2008, before the influencing studio set up shop, drawing on some of the fundamental elements that would subsequently come to define the studio’s main artistic concerns. Since 2008, CAMP has built a steady reputation for exploring the emancipatory possibilities of image-making, archival practices, distribution, and viewership through artistic projects and interventions. The studio aim to challenge our understanding of technology and infrastructure, while bringing knowledge and the reversal of power dynamics to the fore. file View the event on Facebook

Screening of Kiroukou and The Witch on Sunday 6th October at Cinematek, Brussels

From Monday 9th September until Friday 29th November, Brussels’ Cinematek hosts a furnished panorama of witches’ diverse representation throughout the ages entitled “Classics and Anthologies.” It is in this context that this Sunday sees the screening of French-Belgo director Michel Ocelot’s famous 1998 motion picture Kiroukou and The Witch. Offering a highly poetic universe of pictures and West-African stories, this one is guaranteed to delight kids and adults alike.
file View the event on Facebook

Cyberpositive, a channeling - screening and talk with Maggie Roberts on Sunday 6th October at *Rile, Brussels

Brussels’ Rile bookshop focuses on providing a space dedicated to performance, choreography, lectures and publication. In this framework, it invites artist Maggie Roberts, a member of collaborative artist 0rphan Drift (0D), for a double bill including the screening of Robert’s cyber-positive work MIASMA as well as a presentation of cult theory-fiction image-text “Cyberpositive, a channeling.” file View the event on Facebook

Emmanuel Van der Auwera until 3rd November at Botanique, brussels

Through his near-scientific series of films, video installations and conceptual projects that touch upon the traumas, stories and media education of the digital era, Brussels-based artist Emmanuel Van der Auwera explores formal and conceptual filters, questioning the processes of representation and the transmission of images assembled from contemporary mass media. In his film “The Sky is on Fire” - presented at Brussels’ Botanique and part of a diptych also on show at Harlan Levey Gallery - the artist interrogates digital culture and memory through a virtual reconstruction of the urban landscape of Miami, deadening its back streets through the use of technology that can scan the environment using a smartphone. In “The Death of K9 Cigo,” the diptych’s second film, Van der Auwera addresses the collective consciousness through the tributes paid to K9 Cigo, a police dog killed by gunfire in Florida. Heavy-hitting and giving the viewer much to chew on, Van der Auwera’s work is both a reflection of the times we live in and a damning commentary of them. Essential. file View the exhibition on Botanique's website

Susana Pilar – Body Present until 17th November at Kiosk, Ghent

Ghent gallery space Kiosk opens the new season with Body Present, a solo show by Cuban artist Susana Pilar that presents a new performance that links our country’s colonial history to her own childhood, the particular demographics of her homeland, and her Afro-Cuban descent from slaves from Sierra Leone and Congo. The piece is presented alongside a series of photographs, videos and drawings, all of which are based in performance and present the assertive, black female body. Through her arresting body of work, Pilar focuses on social and historical issues of gender and race by taking her own personal experiences and family history and relating them to contemporary concerns such as migration and violence against women, with her own body often taking central place in her practice. Essential viewing. file View the exhibition on Kiosk's website

Open Skies until 5th January September at WIELS, Brussels

Challenging the ever-growing calls for transparency, Open Skies draws on the works of seven artists whose very practices seek to elude the global supremacy of the like-button, evade the elevator pitch or entangle the reductive statement of intent. Instead, they create works that ambiguously play with masks and codes, projections and fantasies, at the intersection of language, popular culture and technology. Including works by Luiza Crosman, Helen Dowling, Toon Fibbe, Naïmé Perrette, Leander Schönweger, Emmanuel Van der Auwera and Jelena Vanoverbeek, Open Skies suggests mystery, shadow, and nuance as modern-day forms of resistance. file View the exhibition on Wiels' website