Agenda Thursday 5th September

David Nzeyimana, Antoine 80 & Martijn Verrycken, The Hope and Nobuo on Thursday 5th September at Ace & Tate (Bailli), Brussels

We’re teaming up with Ace & Tate to mark the recent opening of their second boutique on Rue du Bailli in Ixelles. The evening will see the presentation of Through the Looking Glass, a special edition with a series of specially commissioned photographs by Thomas Ost and Laura Van Snick, two live performances by David Nzeyimana and Antoine 80 and Martijn Verrycken as well as DJ sets by The Hope and Nobuo. All free, with drinks on the house. Proceedings begin at 18h00, come through. file View the event on Facebook

Keith Haring on Thursday 5th September at Galerie de la Béraudiere, Brussels

Pioneering pop artist Keith Haring, whose practice drew on the energetic and emerging narrative of New York graffiti, visited Belgium several times between 1983 and 1990 on the invitation of his Antwerp gallerist at the time Emmy Tob and the Knokke-based collector Roger Nellens, who commissioned an exhibition for the city’s Casino. Through this show, Galerie de la Béraudiere seeks to reinforce his ties to the country, pairing his work with that of Belgian pop artists. file View the event on Facebook

Julia Wachtel – Tears, Drips and Pixels on Thursday 5th September at Super Dakota, Brussels

For her first solo show in Belgium, New York artist Julia Wachtel addresses various subject matters, from global warming to consumer society and the impact of acceleration, as well as the increasing importance of visual media in modern communications and the inability to differentiate between sign and reality. Combining critical and humorous spectacle, Wachtel chooses a multipurpose visual vocabulary to refer to the serialization of banal and iconic images to test our sensorial empathy towards ‘authenticity’ and ‘truth’ in the complex interchange of images and messages. Her use of cartoon characters function as commentators or unwary conspirators on the social, political and cultural content surrounding them. file View the event on Facebook

Marguerite Humeau – MIST on Thursday 5th September at Clearing, Brussels

Marguerite Humeau’s work centers on the origins of humankind and related histories of language, love, spirituality and war. She prefaces each project with a period of intense investigation in which she engages diverse authorities - historians, anthropologists, paleontologists, zoologists, explorers, linguists, and engineers - on her chosen subject. Through her interdisciplinary, speculative inquiry, Humeau enriches her own thinking as an artist and researcher, and refashions historical quests in ways that reflect the technological age in which we live in. For this show, the London-based French artist presents a conceptual universe consisting of exotic and unlikely sculptures that thread a fine line between science and fiction, questioning reality whilst largely drawing on it. file View the event on Facebook

Emmanuel Van der Auwera on Thursday 5th September at Harlan Levey Gallery and Botanique, Brussels

Building on his research into trauma, testimony and media literacy in the digital age, Belgian artist Emmanuel Van der Auwera presents a new video diptych – “The Sky is on Fire” and “The Death of K9 Cigo” – which continues where his previous films, namely “A Certain Amount of Clarity,” “Central Alberta,” “Missing Eyes,” and “Wake Me Up at 4:20,” left off. Produced in the 15 months following the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, the artist weaves together numerous videos posted on a live social media platform for “The Death of K9 Cigo” whilst in “The Sky is on Fire” he questions the very notion of digital culture’s reinterpretation of memory by virtually re-creating the urban landscape. Both politically-potent and pertinent, Van der Auwera’s work plays testament to the troubling times we face. file View the event on Facebook

Fried Patterns from Thursday 5th to Saturday 6th September at Espace vander Borght, Brussels

Bringing together the works of a plethora of Brussels-based artists whose work is not yet currently represented by commercial galleries, Fried Patterns delves into the local scene’s more emerging strands of contemporary art, giving viewers the opportunity to look at what the future holds. Curated by Tenzing Barshee, the group show promises a more freewheeling alternative to the Brussels Gallery Weekend’s more established formula. file View the event on Facebook

A Performance Affair from Thursday 5th to Sunday 8th September at Espace vander Borght, Brussels

Following A Performance Affair’s inaugural edition last September, this second edition, entitled: re:production, will transform the second and third floors of the Vanderborght Building in Brussels into an open space designed for artists and their collaborators to present new and historical works to the public in a wide range of formats, attempting to determine the key elements necessary to perform, transcribe, document, transfer ownership and restage a performance. Running parallel to the Brussels Gallery Weekend, A Performance Affair shines a light on an often-forgotten yet nonetheless crucial aspect of the contemporary art scene, namely performance in all its diverse beauty. (Pictured is Evann Siebens by Alexandra Masmanidi). file View the event on Facebook

Gabriel Kuri: sorted, resorted on Thursday 5th September at WIELS, Brussels

Mexican mixed-media artist Gabriel Kuri, who refers to himself as a “selector”, creates sculptures that incorporate questions of value, arresting usually intangible flows of information in witty and engaging forms. His practice is strikingly material and his exhibition at WIELS adopts material as its organizing principle, sorting his works into four distinct categories: paper, plastic, metal, and construction materials. This is an absurdly simplistic approach to complex, conceptually driven works that are rarely made of just one element. file View the event on Facebook

Miaux LP Presentation on Thursday 5th September at De Nor, Antwerp

Antwerp-based producer Miaux, a seasonal resident here on The Word Radio, presents her latest album “Black Space White Cloud,” her third offering on Ultra Eczema, with Beyt Al Tapes and DJ Miles Long on support duties. file View the event on Facebook

Meakusma 2019 from Friday 6th to Sunday 8th September at Kulturzentrum Alter Schlachtof, Eupen

Recently included in Resident Advisor’s 10-strong selection of European festivals no to miss, Meakusma – the three day experimental affair nestled in the leafy East Belgian town of Eupen – opens to the public from Friday 6th to Sunday 9th September with a line-up that includes both local stalwarts (Aidons Antoine, Floris Vanhoof, Lieven Martens, Céline Gillain, Sagat, Lawrence Le Doux, Charlemagne Palestine and our very own Mika Oki to name but a few) and international heavy-hitters (John T Gast, Don’t DJ, Felix Kubin, Lee Gamble and Eli Keszler). The yearly experimental electronic get together you simply do not want to miss.
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WIELS Art Book Fair on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th September at WIELS, Brussels

As its name suggests, the WIELS Art Book Fair brings together a long list of independent art book publishers, both local and international, for two days of printed matter delight. Alongside the usual stalls stacked with all types of editions, expect talks, screenings, readings, book presentations, book signings and DJ sets (by The Word Radio residents Poxcat amongst others). Essential. file View the event on Facebook

Architecture and Landscape Book Fair on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th September at at CIVA, Brussels

Running parallel to the WIELS Art Book Fair, the Architecture and Landscape Book Fair hones in on architecture, landscape and town planning, presenting a selection of magazines, books and independent publishers with a side program of publisher meet ups, book launches, debates and performances. file View the event on Facebook

Nadine Artois on Saturday 7th September at amigo amigo, Ghent

Co-founder of London’s party collective turned activist imprint PXSSY PALACE, Nadine Artois is a public speaker, cultural producer and DJ whose excellent Boiler Room set had tongues wagging. Expect sexy sweaty mashups. file View the event on Facebook

Charline Tyberghein – Born to be Mild on Saturday 7th September at Gallery Sofie Van de Velde, Antwerp

Born to be Mild presents a new series of paintings by the young Antwerp born and raised artist Charline Tyberghein, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, whose intricate and playful style has already been shown at Plus One Gallery, Base-Alpha Gallery as well as Beursschouwburg. file View the event on Facebook

Bad Dada Festival on Saturday 7th September at OLT Rivierenhof, Deurne

This first-time festival celebrating the heritage of the African diaspora through music, dance, arts and food brings together both local and international Hip Hop, Afrobeat and Grime acts to Antwerp, with a line-up that includes Miss Angel, Gayance, Faisal, Greentea Peng, Kida Kudz and many more. Full support. file View the event on Facebook

Roger Ballen on Sunday 8th September at Stieglitz19, Brussels

Showcasing a collaborative series, titled No Joke, between Rogen Ballen – longtime Die Antwoord collaborator - and Asger Carlsen, as well as a number of older works by Ballen emanating from his Birds, Oh Rats and Die Reply series, the exhibition draws on both artists’ knack for delving into the human psyche, investigating the dark side of the subconscious mind. file View the event on Facebook

Ferment Festival on Sunday 8th September at Bar Oost, Antwerp

In its second edition, Ferment festival pays tribute to one of the most transformative craze to have hit the culinary scene of late by putting on a host of practical workshops to make everything from sourdough bread and chocolate to apple vinegar and pickled vegetables. The perfect way to spice up your kitchen skills.
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Palais de Justice – Carey Young until 19th October at La Loge, Brussels

Palais de Justice (2017), Carey Young’s critically-acclaimed video installation, was filmed covertly at the Palais de Justice in Brussels. Contradicting the familiar patriarchal culture of law, Young's camera depicts female judges and lawyers at court. Sitting at trial and delivering judgments, female judges were filmed through a series of circular windows in courtroom doors, without the knowledge or permission of anyone depicted. Young subtly builds a counter-narrative: a legal system seemingly centred on, and perhaps controlled by women, as if male presence may be optional or unnecessary in this particular future. This ambitious piece develops and extends the body of law-related artwork which Carey Young has created for more than seventeen years into timely concerns with gender, power and the cinematic. file View the event on Facebook