Agenda Thursday 6th June

Red Summer on Thursday 6th June at Michel Rein, Brussels

A group show at Michel Rein’s Brussels output with firm favourites Sébastien Bonin and Sophie Whettnall who currently also has a solo show on view at La Centrale. fileView on Michel Rein's website

Clouds are not my friends anymore on Thursday 6th June at Coherent Gallery, Brussels

This group show at Coherent Gallery presents the work of Abel Jallais - whose simple and subtle practice reinterprets objects, interacting with their shape in order to give them new meaning – as well as that of Circé Reed. file View the event on Facebook

Galloping Minds – From Tomorrow to Anywhere on Thursday 6th June at LUCA, Brussels

Look into the future of Belgian photography with the end-of-year graduation show of LUCA School of Arts’ third year photography students. file View the event on Facebook

Out Loud with Mathilde Fernadez and Lucia on Thursday 6th June at Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Beursschouwburg’s annual Out Loud festival kicks off with a first pairing on the institution’s beloved rooftop terrace that’ll include the dark, moody and mesmerising sounds of Mathilde Fernandez - an artist based between Brussels and Paris and that counts numerous collaborations with Emeute and La Femme under her belt - as well as the wide-ranging, heavy-on-the-bass and future-friendly DJ sets of The Word Radio resident Lucia. file View the event on Facebook

Mala Herba and Froe Char on Thursday 6th June at La Senne, Brussels!

Billed as an electronic witchcraft ritual, this night at La Senne in Brussels sees the magical techno-tarantism of Italy’s Froe Char go head-to-head with the EBM of Austria’s Mala Herba. Support duties handled by DJ Coeurvert.) file View the event on Facebook

Sean Crossley – Recreational Painting on Thursday 6th June at Harlan Levey Projects, Brussels

Brussels-based Australian artist Sean Crossley’s work has, over the last few years, increasingly shifted towards the cultural and economic conventions of painting, drawing upon a rich basis of source material – everything from historical iconographies and botanical illustrations to luxury food advertisements - in order to explore how the overlapping subjects of forms and context fare in today’s culture of speed and abundance. This is the first solo exhibition of the artist’s work at Harlan Levey. file View the event on Facebook

Michael Swaney on Thursday 6th June at Sorry We're Closed, Brussels

Sorry We're Closed shows the playful, vivid and dream-like work of Barcelona-based Canadian artist Michael Swaney, whose practice emcompasses paintings, paper collages and video. The naive yet structured tonality of Swaney's paintings conjure childhood memories, serving to express a unique and singular universe which really only fully comes in view with closer attention. Hot pickings.
file View the event on Facebook

Hugh Hayden – End of Days on Thursday 6th June at Clearing, Brussels

An exhibition of new works by New York-based artist Hugh Hayden whose practice transforms familiar objects through a process of selection, carving and juxtaposition to challenge our perceptions of ourselves, others and the environment. Raised in Texas and trained as an architect, his work arises from a deep connection to nature and its organic materials. file View the event on Facebook

Connor McNicholas and Jan Groover on Thursday 6th June at Super Dakota, Brussels

For his second solo exhibition in Brussels entitled Shape of Time, American artist Connor McNicholas presents a range of works from his interdisciplinary art practice, encompassed by sculptures, drawings, sound and installation. A second exhibition, Through the Looking Glass, presents a selection of late works by Jan Groover. file View the event on Facebook

Roberto Bolaños – Amberes on Thursday 6th June at Muhka, Antwerp

Drawing upon the raw energy of Roberto Balaño’s early experimental novel Antwerp – a piece of writing that, at times with absurdity, touches upon crime, corruption, sexual violence, memory and marginality – this exhibition seeks to encapsulate the multiplicity of artistic expressions and perspectives prevalent throughout Antwerp. Includes works by The Word Radio resident Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven, Eva Donckers, Michèle Matin, Luc Tuymans, Walter Sweenen, Rinus Van de Velde and many other local greats. Essential. file View the event on Facebook

Josh Smith – Finding Nemo on Friday 7th June at Xavier Hufkens Gallery, Brussels

In his second solo show at Xavier Hufkens, American artist Josh Smith presents new paintings and monotypes depicting the Grim Reaper in a process that sees him repeatedly paint the same subject from memory as a way of exploring different painterly qualities. Here, the Grim Reaper plays the part of mere model for the artist’s continuing research into the expressive potential of pain, colour and repetition. ![file]file View on Xavier Hufkens's website

Anneessens on Friday 7th June at Recyclart, Brussels

Father Filip was an emblematic figure of Anneessens, heading up a youth hostel for over 15 years where he’d welcome the Brussels neighbourhood’s kids for everything from football matches to photography clubs. Upon his passing, a box full of photographs he took of the children on their many outings was dropped off at Recyclart that took it upon itself to find some of the children depicted by way of plastering their portraits on posters across the city and hoping they’d recognise themselves and get in touch – which they did. This exhibition, in essence, pays tribute to the memorial power of photography in documenting a period that most remember, and some would rather forget. Poignant. file View the event on Facebook

Harbinger – First Signs on Friday 7th June at Kunsthal Gent, Ghent

In the context of its series of presentations, debates and curated screenings on the encounters between art and science, KASK’s Curatorial Studies department hosts a series of performance lectures, with the first one, presented by KASK’s Chris Dupuis, exploring the existence of extra-terrestrial beings and the second, with New York-based artist Liam Gilick and CERN post-doc researcher James Beacham, looking into debt and data predicting tools. file View the event on Facebook

Xavier Mary and Sanam Khatibi on Friday 7th June at BPS22, Charleroi

In this first major museum exhibition, MX TEMPLE, Xavier Mary presents new works – from film and sculpture to installation – that reaffirms the artist’s knack to draw on reinterpretations of shapes and a wide range of influence to create a singular artist narrative. Also on view is the ever-growing collection of objects that serve as both props and source material to Brussels-based artist Sanam Khatibi’s oil paintings, ceramic sculptures and tapestries. file View the event on Facebook

Out Loud with Scott Gilmore, Hiele and surprise act on Friday 7th June at Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Beursschouwburg continues its Out Loud shindig with Los Angeles-based experimental producer Scott Gilmore and Antwerp’s own Hiele. file View the event on Facebook

Peter Downsbrough – Overlaps on Friday 7th June at Botanique, Brussels

Brussels-based American artist Peter Downsbrough, a historical figure of contemporary art, presents a series of new-ish works attesting to the diversity of his practice which draws on sculptural codes in order to develop a fresh take on photography, one which often deconstructs and highlights the architectural and functional structures of the urban context. A selection of black and white photographs shot between 1980 and 2016, as well as two in situ pieces will also be on show. Don’t miss. file View the event on Facebook

Penus and Kuunatic on Friday 7th June at De Nor, Antwerp

The psychedelic punk of Japanese outfit Kuunatic and the glitter glam of Antwerp’s Penus. file View the event on Facebook

Out Loud with The Germans, Sergeant and Victor De Roo on Saturday 8th June at Beursschouwburg, Brussels

Noise-rock outfit The Germans, ringleader Ferre Marnef’s solo-project Sergeant and The Word Radio resident Victor De Roo for day 4 of Beursschouwburg’s Out Loud festival. file View the event on Facebook

Feminist Market on Saturday 8th June at Mothers and Daughters, Brussels

Support your local female and queer artists by putting your money where your mouth is. DJ Kill Your Valentine on deck duties. file View the event on Facebook

SuperVliegSuperMouche on Saturday 8th June at Park van Vorst, Brussels

The best kids festival in town, if not the world, SuperVliegSuperMouche comes back to the Forest neighbhourhood for a weekend full of fun, including wide-eyed theatre performances, wacky concerts, human composts and tuned-up, turbo-charged lawn mowers. file View the event on Facebook

Jean-Paul Dessy and André Ristic on Saturday 8th June at Kanal, Brussels

Legendary figure of the contemporary classic music scene Jean-Paul Dessy, whose oeuvre focuses on the instrumental practice as a means of meditation, performs live from Kanal in the context of the museum’s on-going series of experimental concerts in relation to its architectural essence. The chance to bathe in musical and meditative serenity whilst taking in the vast expanse of Kanal’s unique surroundings. file View the event on Facebook

Luke Vibert, Aleksi Perälä (Live), Krasius & Nidrev, Gurl & Jakob and Orpheu The Wizard on Saturday 8th June at C12, Brussels

Acid hero Luke Vibert takes on deck duties at Brussels’ C12, with Finish veteran producer Aleksi Perälä performing live. Support by Red Light Radio’s Orpheu The Wizard and local stalwarts Gurl & Jakob. Pull up. file View the event on Facebook

Vera, Gols, Session 4000, Epsilove (Live), Mika Oki and Nobuo & Offshore § on Sunday 9th June at C12, Brussels

Another stellar line-up by Brussels’ C12, with Vera, Gols and Session 4000 in room 1 as well as Epsilove performing live in room 2, with our very own Mika Oki and Nobuo & Offshore § going back to back. Tip. file View the event on Facebook

961999r* on Sunday 9th June at Uccle Stalle, Brussels

A mid-afternoon summer festival that pairs future-friendly workshops (zero-waste, collaborative creativity, ecological agriculture and ayurvedic cooking) with experimental concerts and DJ sets by the likes of Ambient Lay Down (performing a two-hour quadrophonic jam session), Butô, HJM, Léa Roger, Accou, André Curieux and many more. file View the event on Facebook

Door Nico Dockx and Dennis Tyfus on Sunday 9th June at 252 cc, Ekeren

An exhibition with works by Dennis Tiefus, Ersi Varveri, Hanna Putz, Nico Dockx and other, a conversation between Dennis Tyfus and Nico Dockx moderated by art historian Johan Pas with live concerts by Sholto Dobie, Dirk Veulemans and Jérôme Noetinger. file View the event on Facebook

Sophie Nys until 14th June at Kiosk, Ghent

Taking as starting point her 2008 exhibition at Kiosk in which she buried a time capsule containing the history of the exhibition space, this new solo show by Sophie Nys, titled Family Nexus, unites both minimal and monumental interventions, unique and serial objects, personal acquaintances and obscure figures from 16th century print in order to deliver a highly conceptual yet pertinent narrative close to the artist’s heart. file View on kiosk gallery's website

Elias Cafmeyer – Parkings until 30th June at Extra City, Antwerp

In the context of its on-going series of exhibitions titled “The choice of”, which give the possibility to some of Antwerp’s more established artists to invite a promising artist of their choice, Ria Pacquée selects Sint-Lucas graduate Elias Cafmeyer whose body of work takes as inspiration public spaces to construct fascinating and, at times, alien-like installations. Perfect for Extra City’s sprawling space. file View on Extra City's website

Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven until 29th June at Zeno X, Antwerp

Drawing on a wide variety of techniques and media and bringing together drawings, works on Plexiglas as well as a tapestry, Zeno X’s comprehensive solo show of Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven – entitled Syzygy, which is also the name of her monthly residency here on The Word Radio - attests to the full breath of the pioneering artist. Essential viewing. file View on Zeno X's website

Karishma D’Souza – Midway Mark until 13th July at Baronian Xippas, Brussels

Part of the new wave of painters that has emerged from India, Karishma D’Souza’s work weaves together memories of places, with her practice anchored in the environment in which she was brought up in, transporting the viewer on a tranquil voyage through the artist’s Mumbai. Don’t be fooled though, her work belies political and contextual relevance which, despite the inherent lyricism and poetry prevalent throughout her body of work, manages to piece together a social commentary of sorts on contemporary Indian society. file View on Baronian Xippas's website

Lisa Vlaemminck – Cryogenic Sleep in Full Colour until 19th July at Rodolphe Janssen Gallery, Brussels

At times organic, at others virtual, the work of KASK graduate Lisa Vlaemminck can be confounding to say the least, her artistic expression often leaving the viewer unsure of what it is that is being shown. Is it a life-like glow, or a nuclear-infused radiation? Is it a dream or a nightmare? Free-flowing substance or consolidated form? Or is it all of the above? Yours for the taking. file View on Rodolphe Janssen's website