Agenda Wednesday 29th May

Spaces – Interior Design Evolution on Wednesday 29th May at ADAM, Brussels

What do interiors tell us about the way in which society at large has shaped itself over time? How do interiors further our understanding of the human race’s many lifestyles, thought patterns and behavioral mannerisms? These questions form the basis of the latest exhibition put forward by Brussels’ ADAM museum, drawing upon everything from electric lightning and mass-produced furniture to electrical household appliances in order to frame the evolution of interiors.
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Gregor Hildebrandt on Wednesday 29th May at Almine Rech, Brussels

Berlin-based artist Gregor Hildebrandt’s artistic practice focuses on the reinvention and reinterpretation of analog audio and visual materials such as cassette tapes and vinyl records to develop a narrative in which music and sound reign supreme. With this third solo show at Almine Rech’s Brussels outpost, the artist presents an entirely new body of work under the banner of “Der Raum mist die Miete”, or “The Room is the Rent.” Expect everything from face-ceiling installation and white ingrain wallpaper (a reference to the textured wallpaper found in many Berlin apartments) as well as the revisiting of earlier works, a nod to the sampling and resampling prevailing in recording culture. file View the event on Almine Rech's website

Armen Eloyan on Wednesday 29th May at Tim Van Laere Gallery, Antwerp

Antwerp’s Tim Van Laere Gallery presents a new publication as well as a small selection of paintings by Armen Eloyan, whose work draws upon both street art and cartoon with underlying references to the great pioneers in painting – think Willem De Kooning and Philip Guston. The evening will also see the presentation of a limited edition silkscreen by artlead. file View the event on Facebook

STUK Eindfeest 2019 on Wednesday 29th May at Stuk, Leuven

Closing yet another genre-defining season, Leuven’s STUK draws to a close before the summer recess with a barbecue, an open-to-all sing along, concerts by Borokov Borokov and Shht, a 15-strong dance performance by P.A.R.T.S choreographer Katie Vickers as well as a string of DJ sets (Luc Tirez, Jan Heymans, Wontime, Kaka di Funk and DJ Maniok) to take you through the night. file View the event on Facebook

Special Request, Luca Lozano, Pallando, Forest Drive West, Sagat (Live) & Cabasa on Wednesday 29th May at C12, Brussels

C12 goes hard and heavy with a mid-week shindig of thumping and thundering beats for your dancing pleasure. Don’t miss Brussels-based producer Sagat performing live as well as The Word Radio resident Cabasa’s customary mind-bending selections.
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Vanessa Billy, Clémentine Coupau & Aniara Omann – Bonding in Whispers on Thursday 30th May at c-o-m-p-o-s-i-t-e, Brussels

A group show presenting new works by Vanessa Billy, Clémentine Coupau and Aniara Omann and which draws upon the many signs of the future that science has brought upon modern society. Expect works that foster unlikely alliances and defy convention. file View the event on Facebook

Will Benedict on Thursday 30th May at Dependence, Brussels

Paris-based Californian artist Will Benedict – whose work oscillates between painting and mixed media art - presents his singular work at Brussels gallery Dependence. file View the event on Facebook

Floris Vanhoof, IHV, Remörk & Benjamin Verdonck on Thursday 30th May at Het Bos, Antwerp

Concerts by Floris Vanhoof and Het Interstedelijk Harmoniumverbond (the avant-garde outfit that includes Razen’s Brecht Ameel and DSR Lines’ David Edren), a performance by Remörk (the alter-ego of multi-instrumentalist Kris Delacourt who pops up in numerous Belgian groups including Condor Gruppe) and an exhibition by Het Bos head honcho Benjamin Verdonck. file View the event on Facebook

Jean Katambayi Mukendi on Friday 31st May at Etablissement d’en Face, Brussels

Aside from being an artist, Lubumbashi born and based artist Jean Katambayi Mukendi is also enthralled by technology, mechanics, geometry and electricity. His body of work combines influences from daily life with experiences gained from his training as an electrician to create fragile and complex installations driven by sophisticated electrical mechanisms in his continuous quest to solve the social ills that besiege Congolese society. file View the event on Facebook

Résonances festival on Friday 31st May at Studio CityGate, Brussels

For its fourth edition, Résonances festival continues in its quest to give artists of all walks of life the possibility to react to current affairs. Billed as a militant festival, the three-day affair sees a mix of exhibitions, plays, projections, performances, debates, workshops and concerts take center stage. file View the event on Facebook

Heartbroken with Baby Val, BB.ZIP, Liyo & Steff & Nevrland on Friday 31st May at Recyclart, Brussels

Heartbroken come correct, pairing up with Kunstenfestivaldesarts for a night of future-forward sounds including Baby Val and BB.ZIP as well as the crew’s very own Liyo, Steff & Nevrland. file View the event on Facebook

Susobrino (Live), Nasty Bartender, Wait & See and DJ Vega on Friday 31st May at Barlok, Brussels

The mother of all line-ups form like Voltron for a night of Funk, Soul, Hip Hop, Trap and more. Top of the bill are Antwerp-based producer Susobrino and Brussels’ very own DJ Vega. Check. file View the event on Facebook

1 Jaar De Nor! on Friday 31st May at De Nor, Antwerp

Antwerp’s De Nor turns one, with Radio Central’s Pierre Elitair, Drew McDowall (of Coil, Psychic TV and The Poems fame), DJ Jan Matté and Jj Funhouse’s Joke Leonare. file View the event on Facebook

Chris Cohen & Roméo Poirier on Friday 31st May at Shindig SK, Brussels

California’s Chris Cohen - known for his rich, textured and layered composition – and Brussels-based musician, photographer and lifeguard Roméo Poirier – whose latest album Kystwerk was released on London’s Kit Records – perform live at Brussels’ Shindig SK. Expect an evening of ambient, ethereal and intricate soundscapes. file View the event on Facebook

Gros Bazarr with Rick Shiver, Vidal Benjamin, Marouchka & Maybe Tonight on Saturday 1st June at La Vallée, Brussels

Vidal Benjamin (who’s just released an album of 80s-tinged electronic pop on Paris’ Versatile Records), Lyl Radio residents and YouTube anti-heroes Maybe Tonight, our very own Marouchka as well as Rick Shiver handle DJ duties for this night hosted by feminine collective Gros Bazarrr at Brussels’ La Vallée. Vibes aplenty guaranteed. file View the event on Facebook

5 Jaar Het Bos! on Saturday 1st June at Het Bos, Antwerp

Antwerp’s Het Bos hits the five-year mark and goes all out. Live concerts by London’s Tomaga, Frankie Tear Drop (Lee Swinnen’s one-man band) and Namid Without (jazz man Vincent Brijs supported by Dago Sondervan), with a plethora of unlikely DJ sets the likes of Micha Volders and Dijf Sanders (pairing up to indulge in their shared passion for 90s soul bangers), Elko Blijweert and Milan W. (as Tone Zones), Philippe Cortens and Mauro Pawlowski (as Circular Media Channel), the legendary Raphael as well as The Word Radio residents DTM Funk and Flapy. Essential. file View the event on Facebook

David Maranha, Chris Corsano, Richard Youngs & Lynn Cassiers on Saturday 1st June at Les Ateliers Claus, Brussels

Youngs, Maranha & Corsano is the newbie trio formed by the collaborative genius of Glaswegian musician Richard Youngs, violinist and percussionist David Maranha as well as improv’ drum wizard Chris Corsona. Belgian vocalist Lynn Cassiers will also be presenting new compositions as the result of her recent residency at Les Ateliers Claus. file View the event on Facebook

DJ soFa on Saturday 1st June at Bonnefooi, Brussels

Digger extraordinaire, curator of reissue compilations on Sub Rosa and Finders Keepers as well as the man behind the excellent “elsewhere” series on ICI, Kalahari Oyster Cult and Crevette, DJ soFa takes over deck duties at Bonnefooi for a night of customary eclectic power moves.
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Octave Vandeweghe - Cosmic Gestures until 22nd June at Valerie Traan, Antwerp

An exhibition of objects-artifacts created by artist Octave Vandeweghe and which digs deep into the superstitions and spiritualism inherent in minerals and stones. file View the event on Facebook

Katleen Vinck – Capsules until 22nd June at Base-Alpha Gallery, Antwerp

In this new solo show of her work at Antwerp’s Base Alpha Gallery, Belgian artist Katleen Vinck has conducted research into extreme capsule architecture, monolithic concrete architecture and their relationship with the natural monolith, working for the very first time with both ceramics and concrete. The result is a new series that oscillates to perfection between aesthetics and functionality, threading the fine line between art and science. file View the event on Base-Alpha Gallery's website