Bear Bones Lay Low present Cachilapo Sound with Bram Borloo

Bear Bones Lay Low invite Brussels-based researcher and multi-disciplinary artist Bram Borloo.

  • Mandinka Group "Hamaba"
  • Guelewar "Sama Yaye Demma N'Darr"
  • T.P. OK Jazz "Mobali Malamu"
  • Fred Van Hove & Cel Overberghe " 'K Zou Zo Gere Wille Leve"
  • IDM Theft Able "Hurricane, Covered Bridge and Wilsen Roads"
  • W. Ravenveer "Untitled A1"
  • Little Howlin' Wolf "Cool Truth"
  • Dennis Duck Goes Disco "Return of the Son of Kontiki"
  • Mik Quantius "Untitled B1"
  • Lucky Dube "Running Falling"
  • Pad Anthony "Charge Dem"
  • Triston Palmer "Collie Man"