Céline Gillain presents Relief with Catherine Plenevaux

PET SHOP BOYS at Meakusma Festival A selection of Pet Shop Boys songs and edits by Céline Gillain & Catherine Plenevaux

  • It’s Alright (intro)
  • West End Girls (demo instrumental) (edit)
  • West End Girls
  • Violence
  • In The Club Or In The Queue (Bobby O demo)
  • Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots Of Money) (demo instrumental) (edit)
  • I Want a Dog
  • West End Girls (remix 86’) (intro)
  • One More Chance
  • Why Don’t We Live Together (intro) (edit)
  • Bubadub (demo 82’)
  • It’s alright (edit)
  • King’s Cross
  • It’s A Sin
  • Suburbia (The Full Horror) (outro)