Inside & Around Crammed Discs with Marc Hollander

This month’s episode is a Marc Hollander mix entitled Crammed Cities, exclusively consisting of tracks from the label’s catalogue which all contain city names in their titles.

Baghdad to Blankenberge, Cleveland to Casablanca, Berlin to Detroit, Chicago to Marseille, Moscow to Beijing, Warsaw to Lagos to Brussels… During the label’s four decades, many artists have used city names in song titles, for obvious or mysterious reasons of their own. This seemed like a playful, arbitrary constraint for leading the selector to trace yet another path in the Crammed jungle. This mix contains 35 tracks with cities in their title (except the last one, which encompasses many), released between 1977 and 2018 by artists including John Lurie, Suba, Tao vs Plaid, Cibelle & Devendra Banhart, Bass Clef, Adrian Sherwood, Carl Craig, Volti, Lio, some treasures hidden in the Made To Measure series, and many more.

  • Benjamin Lew & Steven Brown - Bamako ou ailleurs
  • Bass Clef vs Kasai Allstars - The Incident At Mbuji-Mayi
  • John Lurie - Car Cleveland
  • Yasmine Hamdan - Beirut
  • Cibelle & Devendra Banhart - London, London
  • Les tueurs de la lune de miel - Blankenberghe
  • Suba - Um Dia Comum (em São Paulo)
  • Lio - Sábado em Copacabana
  • Tuxedomoon - I Left My Heart In San Francisco
  • Amatorski - Hudson
  • Telex x Carl Craig - Moskow Diskow
  • Skip&Die - Delhi Dungeon
  • Tao vs Plaid - Riot In Lagos
  • Colin Newman - Not Being In Warsaw
  • Hector Zazou & Barbara Gogan - Brussels (Sahara Blue)
  • Tek 9 - A London Sumtin'
  • Le Ton Mité - Olympia By Bus
  • Lonely Drifter Karen - Casablanca
  • Peter Principle - Orval
  • Taraf de Haidouks - Balalau From Bucharest
  • Steve Shehan - Istanblue
  • Nadjma x Adrian Sherwood - Rapture In Baghdad
  • Seigen Ono - Berliner Nächte Part-2
  • Daniel Schell & Karo - Vienna Carmen
  • Zelwer - Les trésors du Vatican
  • Volti - New York
  • Band Apart - Marseille
  • Chicha Libre - El carnicero de Chicago
  • Balkan Beat Box - Kabulectro
  • Snooze - The Spy From Ankara
  • Lonely Drifter Karen - Rain In Beijing
  • Aksak Maboul - Venise Improv
  • Q-Moog - Goodnight Detroit
  • Samy Birnbach & Benjamin Lew - Ravenna
  • Aquaserge - Tour du monde