Marc Jacobs presents The Double

This is a promomix I did for the release of my album "After the Flash Flood", in April, but that didn't make it into the whole promotional machinery thing. These were tracks that have somehow helped shape that album, in sound, form and in spirit. This year I have had the opportunity to make a lot of music and to record hours of sound. It's a time and energy consuming activity, and I consider myself very lucky to be able to release my sounds on Denovali. A new album is on its way, hoping to diversify my sonic approaches and to dig into new ways of writing. To all musicians and soundmakers I have met, worked with and listened to this year, keep making all this incredible work that reminds us on a daily basis how this unique form of expression makes mankind what it is.

  • Alessandro Cortini – La Sveglia
  • Preoccupations – Compliance
  • Yellow Swans – Untitled #3
  • Evangelista - Pissing
  • The Body – Darkness Surrounds Us
  • KTL – Phil 2
  • Joshua Sabin – U12
  • Salem – Asia
  • FIS – CMB Inna