Marc Jacobs presents The Double

It’s later on the planet. Everything is illegal and anyone looking to make some money has become a master of contraband. Of water, food and drugs. Mostly a mix of all three, blended into a perfect mutant survival pack. Borders, climate and politics have been abolished. Sexuality is not an issue anymore. Here is its soundtrack. (contains snippets of « The Addiction » by Abel Ferrara) !

  • Survive - Hourglass
  • Beak - Allé Sauvage
  • Luke Abbott - Whitebox Stereo
  • Monolithe Noir - Current Flashes
  • Pye Corner Audio - Fogged M1
  • Grauzone - Film 2
  • Front De Cadeaux - Infodrogue
  • Ital Tek - Jenova
  • Klaus Schulze - Freeze
  • Big Black - Unknown Demo
  • Steve Hauschild - Arpeggiare