Marc Jacobs presents The Double

This edition of The Double will take on the feeling you get after a long hot summer day, when the light turns golden and the car drives in slow motion with open windows, letting the hot air in, yet your skin can feel the freshness of the wind. Like if the weather gets you stoned, and the passing scenery is a film.

  • Wally Badarou – Obeah Man Dub
  • 1991 – Fabric of Space
  • Kareem Lotfy – Fr3sh
  • Song Sung – I’m not in Love
  • Otis G. Johnson – Time to go Home
  • Mammane Sanni Abdoulaye – Ya Bismillah
  • Francis Bebey – Senza Nocturne
  • Money Mark – Pretty Pain
  • William Onyeabor – Something you’ll never forget
  • Christophe – Sunny road to Salina
  • Charlotte Day Wilson - Work
  • MC 900 ft Jesus – Rhubarb (before the rain)
  • Sylvain Chauveau – I Follow Rivers